Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No They Can't!

Now, it's 2008 and the Republicans are still doing the same old two step. I was disgusted watching that mess of a convention. I know minorities don't usually align themselves with the party, but come on, a little diversity would help. I saw faces of every color, size, and shape at the DNC and the Republicans are still wearing cowboy hats and dancing to country music!! GET OUT!!

I live in the Twin Cities, and actually volunteered for the convention with hopes of getting a ticket to the "festivities." I really just want to meet Anderson Cooper, Sway, and Brian Williams; but I have not met anyone yet. I'm still on a mission to get into that center and not crack a smile, clap, and look at everyone like they're crazy when they talk that same jibberish about "get rich or make sure everyone dies while you're trying" policies.

I have yet to hear anything about McCain's policies and what he stands for; George Bush said, "He's ready to lead the nation." Why??? Someone please inform me.

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Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Anderson Cooper is sexy isn't he? And wasn't it funny how they went out of their way to show the few black people during the RNC. I mean they had to keep going back to the same old faces. And can somebody please tell me what else McCain did other than go to war and got held hostage. That's all I hear! What else did the man do? Oh that's right, he dated a stripper and drove a corvette! Whoo-hoo! My hero! PUHLEEEZE!