Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hair-rapy Sunday

Everyone has their favorite weekend TV marathon-Americas Next Top Model, Project Runway, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love Bravo TV Salon Takeover by Tabatha. She crashes a salon that has requested her help and fixes the salon in the lamest terms. Of course Its never that simple, these are hairstylists that are eclectic, overtly individual, and carry that, "I'm the best stylist" attitude. Tabatha does not take sh*t from anyone and pays attention to detail from the appointment book to the coloring station. This show provides lots of laughs, mouth drops, and "oh no she did not just say that!" moments. See a video of Tabatha here:

I have had plenty of bad experiences at salons where I've had my hair cut too short, the stylist were unprofessional, or the salon was just filthy. I have literally called my friends sobbing after a disastrous cut. You're probably wondering well why did you get your hair done there? Most of the time, it was an emergency, money was short, or the stylist could do the best blow out on the block. I have learned from the past and have found a wonderful stylist, I personally love the salon, Done Up by Sharon Alexander. The decor is beautiful, the colors are soothing, and most importantly Sharon is a sweet yet honest stylist. This place is overall fabulous. Check out my recent hair cut from Sharon! What is your worst salon experience?

Done Up Salon

1026 6th Ave

New York, NY

(212) 594-2455

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