Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should Friday's Presidential Debate Be Postponed?

HELL NAWL!!!! (the L was added in for dramatic emphasis)
Sorry McCain, I think your excuse that the American people should focus on the economic crisi is a COP OUT!!!!!!! That's so whack, that's piss poor, it's a futile attempt to diverge the public from the real issue at hand: piss poor preparation :). Besides, isn't the government debating on whether or not to play "captain save a ho" for AIG and the rest of the corporation giants who have caught themselves in a HUGE defecit? The whole goverment "captain save a ho" argument is irritating anyway-- I don't understand how the government can drop 7.1 billion (or however much, I just know it's a HUGE amount) on a corporation but feeding the homeless and building public housing units for the disenfranchised is an issue! I digress...

Back to the issue at hand. I don't want this presidential debate to be postponed for two reasons, the first one is really selfish. But whatever. First reason: the Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Conference is in town and one of their events is the happy hour/presidential debate party at the Renaissance Hotel and The Republic (1355 U St. NW for all my DC Locals out there!) I'm not about to miss out on the opportunity to meet a fine, intellectual, brother because McCain ain't ready. Second reason? Aha! I've been waiting all too long to watch Obama "handle that ass," and by "that ass," I'm referring to McCain. So, with all that being said... I think the presidential debate should move forward-- besides, who said we can't debate the issue of economic crisis?

On another note, you can express your opininon on the "postponement issue" by going here to cast your vote!

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Whitney said...

Funny thing is...McCain swear folks are dumb. No one is buying his highly POLITICAL move to forget about politics....multitask baby!!

And...btw...let's talk about how Laura Bush said "clearly Sarah Palin has no foreign policy experience...but she's a quick learner" at least our current first lady aint lying...she was real on that comment. All the commentators lying hard to give that women experience...let's all take a lesson from Laura and BE REAL!! LOL