Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ludacris' "Rapping" has the critics yapping!

First and foremost America, freedom of speech is definitely a constitutional right. Now, with that said, why in the world are people placing blame on Obama for Ludacris’ new song that celebrates the nomination of Obama and expresses his discontent with the Bush Jr. Administration? I mean after all, Bush is barely touching the 30% approval rate amongst the citizens of his dear country. So shitting on Bush isn’t that uncommon.

So now, all of the conservatives and pissed-off Republicans are jumping on the “let’s try and de-moralize Obama” train by questioning Obama’s opinions on Ludacris’ new song. I guess the hoopla is because earlier Obama mentioned that he liked hip hop and allegedly claimed Ludacris to be one of his favorite rappers. So what? I mean, I’m in love with Nas and Lil Wayne but it’s not like I advocate for folks to start selling coke in the streets or take part in that special alcoholic beverage known as “cough syrup” just because Weezy F. Baby raps about it. He’s a grown man! Just like Ludacris—he’s a grown man. He’s allowed to have his own opinions and talk his own mess. I mean everyone else does it. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t quite long ago when the ill-advised New Yorker decided to depict a racist/rude/elitist caricature of the Obama family as a terrorist/militant family on the cover of their issue. Hmm, I don’t recall this much of a public uproar? Oh, that’s right! We live in a double-standard, racist, try-to-do-anything-to-bring-the-black-family-down, society that would do anything to discredit a person of color making progress and igniting a spirit of hope among people!

Did the American public forget that Obama grew up in the Southside of Chicago? I mean come on, we all know hip hop is an essential element in the hood!

I’m not upset. Slightly amused. Amused because critics and conservatives questioned Obama on whether or not he liked the song. His response was no. I mean, did you expect the man to really be like “yeah, that’s my sh!t.” Obama is not slow; after all, the man is a recipient of a Harvard University education! I’m even more amused that the links to Obama and this rap song are surfacing at the same time that rumors regarding Republican Vice President Candidate, Sarah Palin’s daughter, are pregnant—she’s only 16. So once again, Obama-haters, bitter Hillary supporters and the traveshamockery (you like that?) have tried to divert attention to something other than the real issue at hand: a vice presidential nominee who wants to control the issues on a national agenda but has yet to conquer the skill of taking care of the domestic issues going on in her home.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness give the man a break!!!! Obama propably can't even take a dump without them picking on how long he took and what kind of toilet paper he used! Lets stick with the issues America! And why the GOP aren't talking about any. Let's talk about why Palin wants to separate Alaska from the US. Talk about unpatriotic and then when Michelle Obama rightfully makes a comment about being really proud of her country for once, I couldn't stop hearing about that for months!