Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Game, Chris Brown, Polow Da Don, Boyz II Men: Michael Jackson Tribute (Better on the Other Side)

Michael Jackson inspired the world. A number of celebs are in line to perform Michael Jackson tributes during the BET Awards. Check out the track below from The Game,Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, and others. It's called "Better on the Other Side."

Michael Jackson: Dirty Diana

This is, by far, one of my favorite songs by MJ, EVER!!!!!

MJ's 1995 MTV Performance

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal

Fab Friday video. Yesterday we lost the greatest performer of all time. Michael Jackson changed the game for music, music videos, and dancing. The world is saddened by this lost, but also celebrating his life. Smooth Criminal is one of my favorite videos ever! Let's enjoy the fabness that is Michael Jackson and celebrate his life!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fab Deal: Old Navy tanks for $2

This Saturday only, Old Navy is selling their ribbed tank tops for $2! A girl can never have too many tank tops, especially in the summer. So go and stock up. You don't need a coupon and the limit is 5 per customer. Get a few different colors in your size and some a size bigger than you usually wear. Layer the smaller sizes over the bigger, wear a cute pair of shorts or a skirt and you have the perfect summer outfit.

Fab Summer Activity: Volunteer

Earlier this week, the Obama administration unveiled their latest community service initiative. Through "United We Serve" President Obama is calling on all Americans to give back and volunteer this summer. Finding volunteer opportunities has never been easier; you can use the government site or others like,, and to search for volunteer opportunities. is a really great site because it allows you register a volunteer event you planned on the website and people can sign-up through there. Giving back to your community is genuinely rewarding, but don't forget that volunteering is a great resume builder and networking tool.

Fabolous Ft The Dream: Throw it in the Bag

Fab Friday videos and the video is actually Fabolous this week. He's been a featured artist on countless numbers of songs, but it has been a while since he dropped an album. Well we don't have to wait anymore, "Throw it in the Bag" is his second single from his album "Loso's Way". The release date has been pushed out and isn't final yet. The video is decent, but I love the song. I wonder if everyone is going to be doing the "throw it in the bag" now, we have dances for everything else.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fab Deal for Dad: iPhone 3G

Father's Day is next weekend and I'll post more ideas about what to get dad next week. But the iPhone is a great starter. I'm sure we all know that the iPhone 3GS is being released next Friday, so AT&T is having a fab deal on the current model. The iPhone 33G is only $99 when you sign up for a plan! That's a steal of a deal, I got my little blackberry pearl for $99 and its not nearly as cool as a an iPhone. Your dad would be grateful for a Father's Day gift he can actually use and the price is very recession friendly.

Check out AOL's Father's Day Gift Guide|main|dl6|link3|

Kayne West: Paranoid

Fab Friday videos! Mr. West is in the building with another 808 hit. This is probably one of my favorite songs on the album because the beat is so 1980s and fun. The video is a bit crazy, but Kayne has been on this vibe with the 808 videos. Love the Rihanna cameo, she kind of looks like she's in Disturbia part 2 with those outfits

Friday, June 5, 2009

Magical Wands for Lush Lashes

Being a Make up Artist, I constantly get the question of, "Who has the best mascara" or "What mascara elongates and creates plush lashes?". Well I am going to give out my secret....DO NOT SLEEP ON DRUG STORE MASCARAS. I have short lashes, so I have to do a feature on the mascaras that has my lashes looking lush, plush, and makes the boys blush!

Maybelline by far sets the bar for other drug store mascaras. My recent purchase is Lash Stiletto. Its known for being "The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs." I have been using this religiously during the weekdays for work because it elongates and darkens my lashes but still looks sophisticated enough for the boardroom. ($6.99 sold in drugstores nationwide)

This mascara is also by Maybelline and has won many Beauty Awards from Allure, Teen Vogue, and Essence Magazine. This pink and green mascara doesnt even need to say "Maybelline" it has a substantial amount of brand association, kindo like the Coca Cola bottle. I remember when it was was advertised on top of many New York yellow cabs last year. I love this mascara because its a classic, pretty women from the 90s have been using this mascara formula and it still stands strong a decade later. Checkout this old school ad! ($6.50 drugstores nationwide)

I discovered this randomly playing around in the beauty closet at my last gig, and tried it on and my mouth dropped! Nothing elongates my lashes better then this! It seperates and elongates my lashes, how perfect! (drugstores nationwide $8.99)

I love the color purple and I love this great mascara! This is the perfect mascara if you have almond shaped eyes like mine. It has Fuller figured brush – fuller figured lashes. Curves in all the right places! The creatively shaped wand grabs my itty bitty inner lashes all the way to the end lashes. My girlfriends are always grabbing this out of my kit! Get your own!

These mascaras work miracles and all cost under $10! I am a stickler for spending money on good makeup but you do not have to drop $50 on mascara. You should definitely spend money on complexion products such as foundation and concealer because that frames your face but you can totally afford to be a little cheap on lip glosses and mascaras. Did your favorite make the list?

Fab Idea: Organize a Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunches with your girlfriends is great but instead of just going out next time, make it an event. Send out brightly colored Evites and tell everyone you've having a Ladies Brunch. Choose a nice (but not too expensive) restaurant and ask them if they have a party room that you guys can have all to yourselves or a section of the outdoor seating. And if you're feeling really festive, ask them if you can decorate the room with bright tablecloths and flowers.

In your invite tell everyone they must wear a dress, no exceptions! Actually they can wear skirts too, but no pants! And remember to have tons of fun and take lots of pictures. If people respond well to the event, try to have one once a month.

The Dream Ft Kayne West: Walking on the Moon

Fab Friday videos! In light of Melissa's request, this Friday's video is Walking on the Moon by The Dream himself. I am a fan of this song too because he has that Prince inspired sound going again. I am really enjoying Mr. West's appearances on all these songs. And I guess The Dream must have been watching Star Trek when he decided to shoot the video, very interesting...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bebe: Get your AIDS Walk tee

Fashion meeting compassion! I wrote about H&M's Fashion Against Aids last week and I happy to say another company is supporting the fight against AIDS. The AIDS Walk was a few weekends ago, but you can still buy an official Bebe shirt and support the cause. 100% of the proceeds go to the San Fransisco AIDS Foundation.

Bebe, $39

Recession Wardrobe: Show off those legs!

I love wearing dresses that show off a little bit of leg. I can't get enough of them. Now is the perfect time to show off your legs and wear a hottest dresses you can find. Remember that different dresses call for different occasions.

For Play: When you're going out to lunch or shopping with friends

New York & Company, Strapless Flower print dress, $35

For Work: Even though dress codes slack a little in the summer, you still want to dress to impress

Ann Taylor, Orange Peel Sheath dress, $30

For Dates: Show enough skin, but not too much. Let him imagination run wild when he sees you

Arden B, Sequin patchwork dress; $39.99

For Nights Out: You want to wear something cute, but you also want to be comfortable

Forever 21, Abstract splash dress; $22.80

Inside the Obama White House

Did you watch Inside the Obama White House last night on NBC? I never knew this was an NBC tradition and this is the first time I've seen a special like this. Brian Williams literally spent the entire day with President Obama and observed the ins and outs of a president's job. And of course they had to spend time with the First Lady, Michelle Obama. I was truly amazed to see how young and vibrant the West Wing staff is and how much fun working at the White House must be. Make sure to check it out tonight at 9 PM eastern on NBC.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet some new guys, its NBA Finals time

Its past Memorial Day. so I'm considering it summer time! And summer time calls for a summer boo, and what better time than this to find that boo? The NBA Finals kick-off this Thursday night (The Magic vs The Lakers, just in case you're wondering) and guys across the nation will be headed to bars and restaurants to watch the game. If you're a basketball fan, you might as well get a few of your girls and head out to a local bar too. But if you don't like bars any restaurant like Chammps, Fridays, or Damon's is a bet. I'm not saying you should go out with the intent of meeting guys, but it wouldn't hurt if you did connect with a nice young man. And remember, you're going to a sports bar to watch basketball please don't go dressed in a party dress and 4 inch heels. Jeans and a t-shirt will work just fine. Oh and GO MAGIC!