Monday, September 8, 2008

Benjamin or William


Benjamin Bixby

Everyone knows singers want to be actors, actors want to be singers, actors want to sell fragrances, and singers want to design their own clothing lines. Andre 3000 recently had a fashion week party for his 1930s inspired line Benjamin Bixby and Justin Timberlake's line WilliamRast was all over the runway yesterday. Now, I personally don't believe Justin does anything for this line other than show up during fashion week and provide money to make things happen. However, Andre actually designed 70 pieces of the line's debut collection. I also think Benjamin has one up on WilliamRast because Justin's line looks like another collection of over priced ripped jeans.


Elle Pierre said...

I missed this show i wanted to go sooo baaad ...DAMN school!! lol
bw...luv the gonna link u on mine

Henry said...

Couldn't agree more about WilliamRast; not only are the jeans overpriced (and I'm one to pay a good sum of money for jeans) but they aren't high quality either in terms of fit or make. I'm excited to see some of the Benjamin Bixby pieces in person, because they look good from what I've seen. Keep blogging, I love it.