Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Scent that changed my life

I value and perceive all of the facets of Beauty on a high pedestal, but I can't help but lean towards the color segment in the beauty industry. Fragrance has been neglected in my arsenal. I have a tower (literally) of color cosmetics, and a Skin care and Hair product closet solely for these products but my fragrance bottles are thrown randomly in a mesh drawer. Mind you, I rarely purchase fragrance as its something that I receive complimentary (I can't help it!) Needless to say I decided to take a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue for the Friends and Family sale Friday evening. My intention was to try out Giorgio Armani Complexion products such as their concealers and foundations. I was not impressed but could not help but take notice to all of the fragrance counters and pop ups. I stopped at the Guerlain counter and a lovely saleswoman immediately began to assist me, I smellled and smelled until I could smell no more. I was over it by the 6th bottle. I felt defeated and told her "I'm just not into Guerlain scents" She was determined to change my opinion. She says, try this one, its my favorite, it's called "Gourmand Coquin, it's french and its inspiration is from food and the love of cuisine" I checked out the bottle, it was cute, but next to the other geometric and intricate designed bottles, it seemed drab. I sprayed the scent on the fragrance stick and held it to my nose. My olgafactory senses opened, then I inhaled again, attempting to figure out what are the notes in this bottle, I'm getting chocolate, but rose, and the elusive note was killing me.

Of course I didn't display excitement to the saleswoman, didn't want her to think that she won my seal of approval just yet. So I just walked away from her without looking back and got an opinon from a fellow Beauty lover. She thought it was wonderful, I KNEW it was wonderful and walked back to the saleswomen and said, "It smells amazing".

This scent is not remeniscent, it doesn't remind me of anything in the past such as my mother getting dressed for a party back in the 80s, or listening to jazz in Washington DC, as my other perfumes, this one didn't spark any past memories because this scent is my future. I even told my friends, "this will be the scent that I have on at my wedding".

As I considered this very important purchase, she tells me, its 10% off which is wonderful, but she then says its $250. WHATTTTT?!! I mean, beautiful scent or not, I am not spending $250 on a bottle of amazing, heartwarming, scentsational elixir called Gourmand Coquin.

But its two days later and I'm posting about it.....What should I do?! and what if....gasp....Guerlain decides to discontinue it.
To buy or not to buy

By the way, the official notes of Gourmand Coquin are black pepper, rose, rum, chocolate.

*images courtesy of Perfume Shrine