Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Truth about Palin...

She’s WHACK! Seriously. I gave an honest attempt to give her the benefit of the doubt, tried to identify with her as an American woman, even attempted to remain unbiased in spite of my strong support of the Obama campaign. The boring hockey mom speech at the RNC sent me over the edge. I swear she stole Michelle’s speech outline, substituted a few words, and made a weak attempt to regurgitate the same points brought to light by Michelle a little over a week ago. I’m still trying to figure out what was so “electrifying’ about Palin’s speech. One thing’s for sure, I am not surprised that McCain chose her as his running mate. They both share the same idiotic, jaded, visions of American life. Sarah Palin needs to fire her speech writer—the speech she gave at the RNC was God awful. I am still trying to figure out what CNN and the Associated Press find so “moving” about her speech. She spent more time making ridiculous attacks against the Obama campaign than reveal to the American public what her intentions as a Vice President would be. Sorry honey, hating on the other side gets you nowhere—just ask Hillary, ouch!

Sarah Palin is claiming that Obama’s supporters are behind the spread of “misinformation and flat-out lies” regarding her family life. I’m not sure what misinformation she’s referencing, but is it not true that your daughter (teen) is pregnant. Is it not true that she’s under the legal drinking age and has PUBLICIZED photos of her alcoholic binges on myspace? Hmm. Don’t blame the democrats. The truth of the matter is, no one cares about your family life. I’m with Obama when he says “family is off limits” in presidential debates. Palin needs to be mad at her daughter for not deleting her myspace/facebook/blackplanet page after McCain selected her as a Vice Presidential candidate. For real! You already know the media harps on any loophole it can find!

I think the underlying truth is Palin does not know what to talk about, let alone what the pressing issues are. She’s steady trying to separate Alaska from the Union, downplaying Obama’s responsibility as an avid community organizer, and painting a self-image to the American public as a hockey mom. That’s great—being a hockey mom and all. Too bad I’m not (nor do I think the American public is) looking for a hockey mom to secure the position of Vice President. I’m going to need for Palin to seize impudent comments regarding the Obama-Biden ticket.

Palin bores me. Hell, McCain should have had his wife, Cindy, elected as his running mate. Her botox-infused lips/eyebrows seem more exciting than anything Sarah Palin has had to offer thus far.

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