Monday, September 29, 2008

The Greate Debate

I thought Obama won the first debate and it looks like the polls agree with me:

CNN: 51% Obama 38% McCain

USA Today/Gallup: 46% Obama 34% McCain

CBS News: 39% Obama 24% McCain and 37% tie

Don't get me wrong, both candidates walked around questions and did not really answer any question directly but actually Obama spoke about the middle class and people I can relate to. He addressed energy independence, the fact that this economic crisis has a lot to do with the money spent on the War in Iraq (which most government officials aren't trying to admit), the importance of early childhood education and college affordability, and health care. He also called McCain out on those tax breaks for multi million dollar corporations. And plus, McCain "The Maverick" couldn't look Obama in his face once; should be called "The Coward."

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