Monday, September 22, 2008

Me and My Girlfriends....

Man, when Life happens, you just begin to appreciate the people that God has placed in your life. Indeed, every reason has its season, and I am very appreciative to have experienced the many seasons that have been sent my way. I don’t think we’ve (suitesuede) has really spoke on our personal lives—for obvious reasons—however, I couldn’t possibly speak about “Me and My Girlfriends” without offering, you, the viewers, and brief glimpse into the life of Fade, known to some as fade to black.

They say: “Got Hunger? Grab a Snickers”; I say, “Got Life? Grab a Girlfriend!” Lol, that was borderline lame, I know. But hey, it’s all relevant. Let’s just say, everyone needs a girlfriend! I’m NOT speaking romantics either. I know some of my female viewers may opt not to hang with females because of our pseudo-dramatic behavior, however, I can testify that some of the obstacles I’ve battled were easily overcome with the aid of my girlfriends. As a full-time graduate student and full-time employee (ughz) my stress level is on overload- but having my gals around always alleviates the situation. Whether it be a Sunday brunch or a night on the town, ALWAYS make time for the homies because they are a constant reminder that you can overcome anything, face any challenge, and still have fun, despite whatever issues may come your way

I had brunch this past weekend with some of my colleagues and former housemates from undergrad. It was a breath of fresh air to know that we still had that underlying commonality despite the various paths we chose to pursue after our undergraduate experience. Having my girlfriends as a sounding board and a source of relevance was very uplifting. More so because we are all women of color and doing the damn thing in a society that placed two strikes against us the day we took our first breath of air! Yes. Yes, me and my girlfriends do the damn thing!

Me and My Girlfriends…Suite Suede is a production of “Me and My Girlfriends.” See, Melissa and I go wayyyyyy back, ok no that far back, but we’re about 8 years deep in the game. We started kickin’ it during our high school years in our boring English class. Instead of annotating Shakespeare we discussed the latest fragrances and sales of Victoria Secret. Haha- it’s even funnier now when I begin to reflect on it. Portia (P, as I like to call her) and I, met through Melissa a couple of years ago when I went to hang in NYC one summer. She was the shiznit, and she’s West African (Ghanaian, to be exact), so you know, we started kicking it mad hard. After graduation, once we were full-time employed with generous salaries, scrumptious benefits, business cards, and work e-mail addresses, we started sending accolades of emails to one another about a number issues from the work place to finance and real estate. Out of that production was the reproduction of suite suede. Yes, me and my girlfriends birthed suite suede (no, not in homo-erotic kind of way either).

So the next time you’re going through some things, down and out; hell, the next time you have this brand spankin’ idea that you want to execute—remember, you are not alone. Remind yourself: Me and My Girlfriends! (Girl Power Rocks!)

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