Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breaking the Mold of the Ordinary

It’s Suite Suede. Suite Suede is a newly-formed online blog that chronicles the lives of three young, African American, women transitioning from their collegiate experiences to the corporate world. Suite Suede is a slight play on words, alluding to our lives as young women living in three different, yet major cities, in the United States. Suite Suede- Suite, indicative of our corporate jobs and the play on words due to the homophonic relationship between suite and “sweet.” Suede— hey, we’re brown gals with a swaggerific demeanor—why not capitalize on it? Suite Suede-- the evolution. Suite Suede encourages readers to take part in discussion as we chronicle our transition to the social arena, corporate world, and renowned academia.

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Anonymous said...

you go Suite Suede! Ok, so what's up with the police tape on the caution cone on that third pic?? lol. Nah, ya'll 3 lovely ladies keep doing big thangs. Im proud of ya'll!