Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Hills" on Capitol Hill

The rumors are no longer that; it's true, "The Hills" is coming to DC. MTV is beginning to film a version of the show in DC, with a brand new cast of 4 rich white girls! Way to go MTV! You guys just keep on coming up with the most innovative ideas for shows. This girl right here is one of cast members; I'm already over it. I'm from the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virgina), so I especially took offense to this one:

To my disappoint, I find out MTV and PB & J Television has decided to put more privileged rich white girls on TV. Thank you PB & J for developing yet another show that flaunts the materialism of my generation. Thank you for putting more wealthy spoiled children on television, when gas is $4 a gallon and people have to choose between feeding their children and driving to work. Thanks for putting more partying blond white females on television when we just had a blonde female that was a strong candidate for a political party presidential nominee. Thank you MTV and PB & J for letting people know my generation doesn't care about health care, the environment, or this never ending war. Thank you for developing a show in our Nation's Capitol that will not examine the beauty and the beast of city torn between the million dollar townhouses in Georgetown and the row homes of Southeast D.C. Thanks for developing a show in D.C. with a cast that does not represent the cultural diversity of this amazing city. Thank You MTV and PB & J Television!

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Anonymous said...

Right! Like there aren't enough privileged rich white girls on tv as it is!