Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The New It-Gloss

Lip Gloss is the true staple for your fall face. At fashion week, Tracy Reese, Baby Phat, and Miss Sixty models donned the gloss down the run way. If I were to ever be stuck on an island, this castaway will have her gloss poppin! I am the lip glosses queen, I have tried every gloss from the consumer friendly Wet & Wild to the clutch breaker Dior gloss.

I have committed to doing lip service and have found the top 3 glosses that can give your lips that pretty shade of pink, freshen your breath, and just make the men drool when you pucker!

Here are the top 3 glosses of the fall:

I love love love this shade, this gives my lips the perfect pop of pink, yet still looks neutral. This gloss is made the Carol's Daughter way so you know its infused with grapeseed oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E. Try Carol's Daughter Candy Paint Lip Gloss This is Me, $13.50, sephora.

Must have for your next date: C.O.Bigelow Ultra Mentha Shine Gloss. Not only does this gloss provide the wow factor but it also freshens your breath after you eat a bowl of pasta just to prove to him that you're not "those type of girls" Kiss the night away with Ultra Mentha Lip
Shine $7.50, Bath & Body Works.

This gloss is absolutely sexy! It provides the right amount of shine, plumps, and no icky sticky factor! My favorite color is Pralines N Cream, $19, sold at Sephora and Dior make up counters.

Smooches to my Suede Girls!


The New Yorker just had to do it. So much for her "Foreign" policy experience.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Greate Debate

I thought Obama won the first debate and it looks like the polls agree with me:

CNN: 51% Obama 38% McCain

USA Today/Gallup: 46% Obama 34% McCain

CBS News: 39% Obama 24% McCain and 37% tie

Don't get me wrong, both candidates walked around questions and did not really answer any question directly but actually Obama spoke about the middle class and people I can relate to. He addressed energy independence, the fact that this economic crisis has a lot to do with the money spent on the War in Iraq (which most government officials aren't trying to admit), the importance of early childhood education and college affordability, and health care. He also called McCain out on those tax breaks for multi million dollar corporations. And plus, McCain "The Maverick" couldn't look Obama in his face once; should be called "The Coward."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hair-rapy Sunday

Everyone has their favorite weekend TV marathon-Americas Next Top Model, Project Runway, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love Bravo TV Salon Takeover by Tabatha. She crashes a salon that has requested her help and fixes the salon in the lamest terms. Of course Its never that simple, these are hairstylists that are eclectic, overtly individual, and carry that, "I'm the best stylist" attitude. Tabatha does not take sh*t from anyone and pays attention to detail from the appointment book to the coloring station. This show provides lots of laughs, mouth drops, and "oh no she did not just say that!" moments. See a video of Tabatha here: http://video.bravotv.com/player/?id=695801

I have had plenty of bad experiences at salons where I've had my hair cut too short, the stylist were unprofessional, or the salon was just filthy. I have literally called my friends sobbing after a disastrous cut. You're probably wondering well why did you get your hair done there? Most of the time, it was an emergency, money was short, or the stylist could do the best blow out on the block. I have learned from the past and have found a wonderful stylist, I personally love the salon, Done Up by Sharon Alexander. The decor is beautiful, the colors are soothing, and most importantly Sharon is a sweet yet honest stylist. This place is overall fabulous. Check out my recent hair cut from Sharon! What is your worst salon experience?

Done Up Salon

1026 6th Ave

New York, NY

(212) 594-2455

Saturday, September 27, 2008


PLEASE don't show up to vote on Nov. 4th looking like Beyonce, Ryan, or Halle. We are urging people to call their State Election Boards to confirm if the so called "internet rumor" is true or false. Yesterday, I called the Minnesota State Election Board and found out this is not a rumor here. An operator told me, "You cannot wear campaign paraphernalia within 100 feet of a polling location; it's considered campaigning."

We're going to call as many state election boards as we can; but if you would like to call yourself, here are a few numbers to get you started:

California: (916) 653-7244
North Carolina: (919) 733-7173
Illinois: (312) 814-6440
Maryland: (410) 269-2840
Virgina: (804) 864-8901
New York: (518) 474-6220

Get it Girl

The first presidential debate was fairly interesting and I personally think Obama won the first round, but we'll have a post about the debate later. First, I had to give serious kudos to our girl Michelle for wearing the mess out of that floral Thakoon dress last night. She had her Freakem Dress on.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images North America

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Ready for Aunt Jemima because Uncle Sam is Tripping!!!

Uncle Sam would be the government, people! The government is triflin' (sp?)!! So I'm pretty sure the majority of folks have found out that WaMu is now JP Morgan Chase, the Feds are officially the "Captain Save a Hos" of big business-- they now own AIG, and even in the health sector-- the federal agencies are slacking!! Yes, ladies and gentleman, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has join the ranks of traveshamockery!

The EPA refuses to formally recognize/set a national standard for the amount of perchlorate allowed in drinking water. For those who don't know, studies have shown that raised perchlorate amounts can interfere with thyroid function and pose developmental health risks, especially for the childrens and fetuses!! Ahhh!! So EPA, what the hell is the hold up? I'm saying, I'm tired of the Feds doing some back-handed bullshiznit!

I'm moving to England.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Obamacratics goes too far...

I'm saying, I love Obama too, but this is just plain ill-advised and inappropriate. Also, heir on the side of caution- I heard they aren't allowing presidential paraphernalia at the voting booths during elections, so make sure you get that haircut taken care prior to elction day...Mmmmk? Kthxbye.

Should Friday's Presidential Debate Be Postponed?

HELL NAWL!!!! (the L was added in for dramatic emphasis)
Sorry McCain, I think your excuse that the American people should focus on the economic crisi is a COP OUT!!!!!!! That's so whack, that's piss poor, it's a futile attempt to diverge the public from the real issue at hand: piss poor preparation :). Besides, isn't the government debating on whether or not to play "captain save a ho" for AIG and the rest of the corporation giants who have caught themselves in a HUGE defecit? The whole goverment "captain save a ho" argument is irritating anyway-- I don't understand how the government can drop 7.1 billion (or however much, I just know it's a HUGE amount) on a corporation but feeding the homeless and building public housing units for the disenfranchised is an issue! I digress...

Back to the issue at hand. I don't want this presidential debate to be postponed for two reasons, the first one is really selfish. But whatever. First reason: the Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Conference is in town and one of their events is the happy hour/presidential debate party at the Renaissance Hotel and The Republic (1355 U St. NW for all my DC Locals out there!) I'm not about to miss out on the opportunity to meet a fine, intellectual, brother because McCain ain't ready. Second reason? Aha! I've been waiting all too long to watch Obama "handle that ass," and by "that ass," I'm referring to McCain. So, with all that being said... I think the presidential debate should move forward-- besides, who said we can't debate the issue of economic crisis?

On another note, you can express your opininon on the "postponement issue" by going here to cast your vote!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes He's Black, Get Over It!

I personally think the political race should be about the issues and focus on how each candidate plans to change our lives for the better. Unfortunately, people are still stuck in 1862 and believe a black man can't run the country. In case the public has forgotten, Barack Obama is half white and was raised by a white mother. I ran across another article talking about how Obama's race could a "cost him the presidential race." I always knew some people couldn't see past his race (and a lot of my successful black men) and notice his accomplishments, but now I have statistics to prove it!

Grab Winter by the boot strap!

Whether you like it Leather, Patent, Suede, Knee-high or Booties - I've got the boot for you. Fall is here and gladiator sandals are making their way back to Athens. This fall its all about the signature boot. Layer the trends, accesorize liberally, but make sure your boot does more than walking for you. My girl Rihanna always kills the game-Be inspired and make it your own!

Peek a boot! Getting pedicures can not end in the summer with this new toe exposed trend! Below is Nine West domiMATRIX inspired multi strap peep toe boot, Select ninewest stores YUNG $119

Juicy Couture's Joan boot is for the fashionista that loves being the center of attention and is the ultimate flirt! Pair this with dark wash skinny jeans and you will be that Chick! check them out at http://www.zappos.com/ $602

Frills are in, and nothing beats a frill suede boot, carry your Nine West Dakota frill bag and you will shake things up step by step! Steve Madden Arizonaa boot http://www.stevemadden.com/ $109 http://www.ninewest.com/ $150

If you're going for the city cowgirl look, this boot provides ultimate comfort with its high quality make and intricate design. Save up suede girls because these are well worth it! http://www.zappos.com/ $554
If you were a boot which would you be? I would be a knee high caramel hue 3 inch leather boot!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Me and My Girlfriends....

Man, when Life happens, you just begin to appreciate the people that God has placed in your life. Indeed, every reason has its season, and I am very appreciative to have experienced the many seasons that have been sent my way. I don’t think we’ve (suitesuede) has really spoke on our personal lives—for obvious reasons—however, I couldn’t possibly speak about “Me and My Girlfriends” without offering, you, the viewers, and brief glimpse into the life of Fade, known to some as fade to black.

They say: “Got Hunger? Grab a Snickers”; I say, “Got Life? Grab a Girlfriend!” Lol, that was borderline lame, I know. But hey, it’s all relevant. Let’s just say, everyone needs a girlfriend! I’m NOT speaking romantics either. I know some of my female viewers may opt not to hang with females because of our pseudo-dramatic behavior, however, I can testify that some of the obstacles I’ve battled were easily overcome with the aid of my girlfriends. As a full-time graduate student and full-time employee (ughz) my stress level is on overload- but having my gals around always alleviates the situation. Whether it be a Sunday brunch or a night on the town, ALWAYS make time for the homies because they are a constant reminder that you can overcome anything, face any challenge, and still have fun, despite whatever issues may come your way

I had brunch this past weekend with some of my colleagues and former housemates from undergrad. It was a breath of fresh air to know that we still had that underlying commonality despite the various paths we chose to pursue after our undergraduate experience. Having my girlfriends as a sounding board and a source of relevance was very uplifting. More so because we are all women of color and doing the damn thing in a society that placed two strikes against us the day we took our first breath of air! Yes. Yes, me and my girlfriends do the damn thing!

Me and My Girlfriends…Suite Suede is a production of “Me and My Girlfriends.” See, Melissa and I go wayyyyyy back, ok no that far back, but we’re about 8 years deep in the game. We started kickin’ it during our high school years in our boring English class. Instead of annotating Shakespeare we discussed the latest fragrances and sales of Victoria Secret. Haha- it’s even funnier now when I begin to reflect on it. Portia (P, as I like to call her) and I, met through Melissa a couple of years ago when I went to hang in NYC one summer. She was the shiznit, and she’s West African (Ghanaian, to be exact), so you know, we started kicking it mad hard. After graduation, once we were full-time employed with generous salaries, scrumptious benefits, business cards, and work e-mail addresses, we started sending accolades of emails to one another about a number issues from the work place to finance and real estate. Out of that production was the reproduction of suite suede. Yes, me and my girlfriends birthed suite suede (no, not in homo-erotic kind of way either).

So the next time you’re going through some things, down and out; hell, the next time you have this brand spankin’ idea that you want to execute—remember, you are not alone. Remind yourself: Me and My Girlfriends! (Girl Power Rocks!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Change Requires Action

I attended a panel discussion on "Young Hollywood" during the Twin Cities Black Film Festival. The guest speaker was actor Nate Parker of "The Great Debaters" and the upcoming film "The Secret Live of Bees." Needless to say, the topics quickly drifted to not Hollywood youth, but America's youth and specifically African-American youth. Nate Parker is an amazing and extremely well spoken young man, and he answered every question with the passion of a man trying to change his world by "standing in the gap." He provided excellent insight on how to reach our youth and make and a positive impact on the faith and future of this nation. He explained, change requires action, if you see problems you don't like, be the change you want to see in the world. I took 3 pages of notes, so I can't post everything he said, but here are some of the most moving statements he made:

  • Don't focus on competition, if it's for you, nobody can take it from you.

  • People in your circle are either feeding you or eating you, and you want to surround yourself by people who are feeding you. Surround yourself with positive people that motivate you and rid your life of those who try to bring you down.
  • In order to get people to get people to think outside of the box, you need to cut holes in the box. Let people see the outside of the box, so they see the bigger world around them. (My personal favorite!)

A Fashionable Weekend

Love Santino!

It was "Fashion Weekend" this past weekend in Minneapolis. I didn't make it to many events, and missed all the fashion shows. But, I did go to a party for Santino Rice of Project Runway: Season 2. If you watched the season, you can tell the clothes were very Santino like. I didn't like the jumpsuits and one of them looked like something MC Hammer wore, but the fuchsia dresses were beautiful and both had intricate detailing. But, the best thing about the whole event was Santino, he is was so down to earth, cool, and just plain fab.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Racism Against Obama

I read an article today about racist threats against Obama and his campaign. It's time for people to stop denying the truth about America; racism is alive and well. No one wants to speak any harm into Obama's life, but the reality is some people in America still cannot handle the idea of having a black male as a president. Racism is an ugly disease that blinds people of the good in others. It is sad that some people still see Obama as just another black man and disreguard his ivy league education, his time as a lecturer at the University of Chicago, or when he worked for a law firm that specializes in neighborhood economic development. Read the article.

Knock-offs: No Shame in Our Game

Fade is a fan of fly shoes, and she scored big on these Balenciaga knock-offs. She got her pair from the shoe store Bakers, http://www.bakersshoes.com/ for $90! Now, that beats the $4000 that Beyonce paid for the Balenciagas. Frugal and fly; a combination that can't be beat.

Experience the Spa while on a Micro budget!

If you want to regenerate your skin's dull appearance, but don’t have the time or desire to pay the hefty price of a spa facial treatment, try Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System ($26.99) home kit. It’s designed to:

  • Gently resurface skin's texture
  • Activates surface cell renewal
  • Condition skin for softness and smoothness
  • Visibly improve skin tone
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Read the manual and follow the directions step by step. First, apply the derma-crystals to a clean face and gently massage the crystals into skin for no longer than a minute. (This is your time to shine baby!) Next, apply the serum over the derma-crystals, creating a white foamy substance. Then continue to rub your face for an additional minute. (It helps to sing and make funny faces at this point.) Now, rinse away thoroughly. I chose to use a moist washcloth to wipe away all of the week’s impurities. Olay recommends use up to two times a week for continuous results.

Voila, I truly do look regenerated; spa results for a fraction of the price!

Visit http://www.drugstore.com/ to order products online.

Monday, September 15, 2008

All Types of Recession

Yes, it hurts to be broke, doesn't it?

I know we've been in fashion mode for the past week, but we also like to keep people informed about current events. Lehman Brothers, one the nation's top 10 financial institutions filed for bankruptcy today. Their $631 billion dollars in debt makes this the largest file for bankruptcy in history. I know certain presidents ( BUSH!) have been trying to "ease" the minds of Americans by telling them we are not in a recession, but let's face it, we're in all types of recession now.

Without getting too heavy into financial terms, let's break this situation down. The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan said, " I can't believe we can have a once-in-a-century type of financial crisis without a significant impact on the real economy globally and I think that indeed is what is in the process of occurring." So basically the stock market fell through the ground today and people have no idea when things are going to get better. The housing market will most likely get worse, people will continue to cut back on spending disposable income (if they have any left after paying $3.69 for a gallon of gas and $2.50 for a loaf of bread wheat bread), so spend your money wisely and save where you can.

Fashion Week ends with Baby Phat Fashion Show

Friday, September 12 at the Roseland Ballroom Glitz and Glam rocked the house at Baby Phat Celebration of the Decade Fashion Show. The Black Glitterati showed up for this Ultra Fabulous show-Serena Williams, the boo-Djimon Hounsou, Egypt, Maxwell Carmelo Anthony, Danity Kane, Latoya Luckett, Fashion Editors from every mag but most importantly, Andre Leon Talley! The fashion wasn't at its par, but Kimora accomplished her goal to spread her fabulosity lifestyle to the fun, fearless, and fabulous. Models donned a 32 inch weave with a sharp japanese bang with dramatic eyes and glossy lips. Unlike all of the other shows I've been to these models were diverse, sexy, and actually looked like they ate! I can't even front I was overly excited to attend this show. Since I was in the 2nd row I was able to take awesome pics! What do you think of the show?!