Friday, July 31, 2009

Fab Date: Take a Trapeze lesson

The Trapeze School of New York is now in Washington DC and now is the perfect time to go on a trapeze date. Going out to eat can get a little boring, so change it up. You can sign-up for a 2 hour class on the website: The flying trapeze classes are perfect for beginners and each is $45, with a required $20 registration fee. I suggest you sign-up for a class sooner that later because they're filling up quickly. Happy flying!

Mariah Carey: Obsessed

Mariah is back! Obsessed is the first single from her upcoming album, "Memoirs of an Angel and I love it. Mariah loves playing different people in her videos and she decided to play a guy this time. I was surprised by how well she did because she the definition of a girly girl. I really hope this CD is a good one. Turn it up and dance!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

They're baacckkkk...

The most interesting Real Housewives are back for a second season; The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 2 premieres tonight on Bravo. This season a new housewife, Kandi Burruss replaces Deshawn Snow (she was just a little too boring for a Bravo show). Kandi was in the group Xscape and made quite a career for herself writing music for TLC, Mariah, and Whitney. I wonder how she will fit in with the rest of the women. The first ATL season was the highest rated of all the Housewives shows, but there was often talk of a racial double standard for the ladies in Atlanta. It was will interesting to see people's reaction to this season and how the women will be portrayed. Will you be watching?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get the Look: Kim K's black and white

Kim Kardashian dazzles in this white number. I really like this outfit because she's wearing one main accessory, and the belt act is the main focus her look. Find a unique black and white belt that works for you at a department or a vintage store. I also like it because its easy to put together; the definition of simple and chic. And lastly, you can easily incorporate the shirt, belt, clutch, and shoes into your wardrobe. Get the look:

Arden B; White tube dress, $38

Target; Black blouse, $4.99

Target; Angie & Lola for Target black clutch, $19.99

Banana Republic; Black platform pumps, $49.99

Gap's Give & Get is back

The Summer Edition of Gap Inc.'s Give & Get is here. If you are a Gap Inc. "Best Customer", you probably already received your email to invite your friends to shop for a cause. Gap Give & Get is when their "Best Customers" receive a 30% off coupon to shop during certain days of the month and 5% of their purchase amount goes to a Give & Get partner. This summer's Give & Get partners are, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Feeding America, Care, Teach for America, and The Global Fund. They're encouraged to invite 25 of their friends via email to print out the coupon and as well (you can use it as many times as you want during the Give & Get shopping days!). If are a Best Customer, please take a few minutes of your time to invite 25 of your friends to shop for a cause from July 30th - August 2nd. Don't forget to choose your beneficiary nonprofit at: Gap Give & Get. Happy shopping !

Monday, July 27, 2009

My new approach to job searching

I may have only graduated last year, but I'm looking to start a new career path. Its better to search for the perfect job that aligns with my strengths now than later. I'm deep into my job search but, I really don't like sitting at my computer and looking for opportunities on the internet. However, I am torn between this love/hate battle of internet searching. The reason why I don't like applying to opportunities on the internet is because I feel like everyone is doing this now and my resume just gets lost in the shuffle and various databases. But, there's a part of me that pushes myself to search because I don't want to miss out on any amazing opportunities.

Since I'm the type of person that doesn't like staying in the house, I knew I would loose my mind sitting inside looking for jobs all day. So, I've decided to volunteer (one of my favorite things to do!) to meet new people and gain experience. I also try to set up "informational" meetings with at least one new person a week. If you're looking for a new job, I suggest finding a new approach that works for you. Maybe you're really social and like going to events and happy hours. Go out and network until you can't network anymore! Or maybe you like to share your feelings with the world on Facebook. Write notes about why people should hire you and maybe people with openings at their jobs will contact you. I'll keep you posted on how my new approach works and definitely share your ideas with us.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shameless Plug: Building a Library in Kenya

Dear Friends and Family,

We are are hosting a fundraiser to support my good friend Maureen's endeavors to build a library in Kenya, Bounding Books! We would love for you to attend!

Please find information about the fundraiser below:

Host: Maureen Nicol
Location: Saki
2477 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 2477
When: Friday, July 24, 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM
Phone: 301-580-4984

Cover at the door is $5 all night. Check out how far FIVE BUCKS will get you:

* OPEN BAR is from 10:00 - 11:00 p.m. After that nightly specials commence.
* Naked sushi
* Your donation to the library I am opening up at Crossroads Springs Institute
* A blast with your favorite girls - Glenda and Maureen.

We are excited to raise money with our friends at this happy hour, here is some background info:

Crossroads Springs Institute, founded in 2003, is an orphan care center and school geared towards children whose parents have died of AIDS. The institution provides food, clothing, education and loving care to children and adolescents. Forty children attended the school during the first year and now more than 250 children attend the Crossroads Springs Institute.

The mission of Bounding Books is to furnish the Crossroads Springs Institute and community with a library that will house a rich variety of books for the students. The donations of books, goods/services, monetary funds, and any other resources will greatly enhance the education of students and build a bridge of friendship between the United States and Kenya. Many of these students will never leave Kenya or their villages but Boundless Books will allow them with an opportunity to travel anywhere in their world with the use of their imagination while reading books donated by the community. Boundless Books is something special because Maureen believes that every child should fall in love with reading. What is a better gift to leave behind to a friend or someone you care about than the love of reading or your favorite book?

Come out and Support!

Kid Cudi ft Kayne West & Common: Make Her Say

A Fab Friday video: Kid Cudi is determined not to become a one hit wonder with the release of his second single "Make Her Sure." Kid Cudi also got a little help from a piano version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face for the chorus, and I think that's the catchiest part of the song. Side note, what's up with Kayne trying to make Timberlands cool again? Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It must be the Obama Effect

I watched CNN's Black in America 2 last night and was genuinely surprised about how positive the program was. If you remember last year's documentary, it focused on the aspects of the black community that mainstream media sees far too often. We saw mothers on welfare, kids in poor neighborhoods, and deadbeat dads. But this year we saw kids in poor neighborhoods travel to South Africa to help those that are less fortunate than them, a charter school that sends 100% of its students to college, and a glimpse into the world of black elitist. People use the concept of the "Oprah Effect" the explain her show's influence on businesses and people featured on her show, but I think the "Obama Effect" has an effect on how mainstream media portrays African-Americans. Don't get me wrong, the media still has a a very long way to go, but I am seeing slight changes. Desiree Rogers on the cover of The Wall Street Journal magazine, more news stories about the positive effects Obama's presence is having on young men, and charities featuring commercials with African-American athletes making differences in their community. The Obama family has only been in the White House for 6 months, so it will be interesting to see if the trend of positive images increases during his term. I hope it does because we're a people of so much more than shooting hoops and entertainment; we're leaders, pioneers, and change-makers.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Miss Keri's Jumpsuit

Its Miss Keri Baby and she looks fabulous in this black halter jumpsuit. Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly can be difficult, so I suggest going to the store any trying on different styles before you actually commit to one. And remember that accessories elevate your outfit the next level. The suit alone would have been very plain Jane; but a belt, a couple necklaces, and a few bangles are easy additions to make any outfit look better.

Bloomingdale's; Skinny Leg jumpsuit, $68
If you don't want to spend this much money, go to Forever 21 or Arden B. They have various styles of jumpsuits for wallet friendly prices.; Michael Antonio gladiators, $54. 95

Forever 21; Black & Gold belt, $8.50

Forever 21; Mutli Chain necklace, $8.80

Forever 21; Heart charm necklace, $3.80

Forever 21; Rhinestone bracelets, $14.80

Forever 21
; Floral Ring, $3.80

Monday, July 20, 2009

What happened to Courting?

Courting: a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman; to seek someone's love. So when was the last time a man actually courted you? What happened to the times when a young man would actually put effort into to getting your attention and treating you like a lady? Prime example, a guy you barely knows tells you he wants to take you out and then gets mad if you say, "no thanks." Its not that we don't want to go out with them, but it would be nice if they actually put some effort into the art of asking a woman out on a date.

I personally think if a guy is really interested in you, he'll find out what your interests are and ask you out on a date based that you would truly enjoy. And the only way he can plan that amazing date is if he genuinely gets to know you for you. A few phone conversations about your interests is all it takes. Yes, I think its time for courting to make a comeback.

Barbie takes on Italian Black Vogue

I love how Vogue Italia appreciates, adores, and features black models and even dedicates an issue to Black women. This is an absolutely adorable, fierce, and cute feature on Black Barbie. Check out the images from Vogue Italia's iconic Black Issue

A black Barbie doll trumps a "Kelly" doll on any day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black is Back

The CNN documentary Black in America is back again this summer; Black in America 2 will air this Wednesday and Thursday on CNN. Last year, one night focused on black males and then black females the following night. But this year, Soledad O'Brien reports stories of black pioneers and future leaders that are working to solve the issues in black America. I'm sure there will be another round on interesting conversations after this airing. Black in America 2 website:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sean Paul: So Fine

Another Fab Friday video. Sean Paul and the mainstream reggae revival are back in full effect. With this song and Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning", I think the popularity of mainstream reggae can definitely make a come back. I love the dances in this video! I can't wait to master them all.

Mario:Break Up

Fab Friday videos! We didn't have a video last week, so I'll be bringing you more than one video today. First, Mario's new video for Break Up. The best thing about this song is the beat! Turn it up and sing along.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Forever 21 not just for trendy last minute shopping, Beauty is en route

WWD reported that Forever 21 is launching a new makeup line later this year. I can count on this retailer to purchase last minute cute trends and accessories that are destroyed by one wash, and tarnished by a few wears.
I am all for supporting cosmetic companies, but am I really going to purchase a foundation, blush, or lip stick from Forever 21?
Most likely, the demographic here would be teenage teeny boppers so don't expect a sexy Lipstick or a vibrating Mascara.

I generally hate when retailers do this, add cosmetics to their repetoire because they sell a mass amount of shoes, clothing, or perfume. However, some retailers have managed to get it right i.e. Victoria Secret Beauty and H&M Cosmetics shown below. (sold in Europe EYEROLL!)

I hate to be Negative Nia, but I'm not rushing to buy Forever 21 makeup when it debuts. Think about it, there Lipgloss is sticky and runs dry immediately!

Will you purchase> and why?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get the Look: Ms. Kelly Rowland's Boyfriend (Blazer)

Kelly Rowland made a stop at the Essence Magazine offices yesterday and she looked absolutely radiant! (Thanks for the pic Coutura!) Her outfit is classic, so simple, and the perfect outfit for a summer night. The boyfriend blazer really ties the look together. Get her look, without breaking the bank:

Old Navy; White long-sleeve tee, $10

Target, Twill pencil skirt, $24.99||B001RDN26I&CPNG=women&ref=tgt_adv_XSC10001

Urban Outfitter, Peach Boyfriend blazer, $78
Getting a great Boyfriend blazer can be tricky. If you don't want to invest that much money in a item you will not wear that often, then vintage and consignment shops are a great alternative. DC and NYC are great places to find cheap fabulous finds.,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=24&navAction=poppushpush&color=085&popId=WOMENS_APPAREL&pushId=W_APP_VESTS&prepushId=

Target; Brown and gold wooden bangle, $19.99

Bakers; Woven peep toes, $49.99
Just make sure your blazer is one of the colors in the shoes and you're good to go!

Facing your Fears

I read a great article in July's Issue of Cosmo about facing your fears. The writer basically said people often miss out on amazing opportunities because they're scared of what could happen. Think about it, you're sort of happy with your boyfriend and now that you deserve someone that treats you better. But you don't break-up with him because you're afraid of being alone. Or you hate your job, but you're not 100% sure about what career you want to pursue. I understand that jumping into a new situation is very scary because you don't know what will happen. Well it is time to face your fears; time to live and let go. You don't have to do anything drastic, take baby steps. Change your hair style or wear a color you would never usually wear. And one-day, you'll be able to take that huge step to making that life changing decision.

Monday, July 13, 2009

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Obama Announces Nominee for Surgeon General

and it's Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA!!!

More importantly, she's an African American woman with a plethora of accomplishments. I love it! People like her inspire me to continue pursuing my dreams regardless of whatever obstacles or challenges confront me.

Read the White House Press Release Below.

Office of the Press Secretary

July 13, 2009

President Obama Announces Nominee for Surgeon General

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Regina M. Benjamin as Surgeon General, Department of Health and Human Services.

President Obama said, “Health care reform is about every family’s health and the health of our economy. And if there’s anyone who understands the urgency of meeting this challenge in a personal and powerful way, it’s the woman who will become our nation’s next Surgeon General, Doctor Regina Benjamin. I look forward working with her in the months and years ahead.”

President Obama announced his intent to nominate the following individual today:
Regina M. Benjamin, Nominee for Surgeon General, Department of Health and Human Services

Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA, is Founder and CEO of the Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. She is the Immediate Past-Chair of the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, and previously served as Associate Dean for Rural Health at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. In 2002, she became President of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, making her the first African American woman to be president of a State Medical Society in the United States. Dr. Benjamin holds a BS in Chemistry from Xavier University, New Orleans. She was in the 2nd class at Morehouse School of Medicine and received her MD degree from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, as well as an MBA from Tulane University. She completed her residency in family medicine at the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Dr. Benjamin received the Nelson Mandela Award for Health and Human Rights in 1998, and was elected to the American Medical Association Board of Trustees in 1995, making her the first physician under age 40 and the first African-American woman to be elected. Dr. Benjamin was previously named by Time Magazine as one of the "Nation's 50 Future Leaders Age 40 and Under.” She was also featured in a New York Times article, "Angel in a White Coat", as "Person of the Week" on ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, and as "Woman of the Year" by CBS This Morning. She received the 2000 National Caring Award which was inspired by Mother Teresa, as well as the papal honor Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice from Pope Benedict XVI. She is also a recent recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pay Your Respect....

To Michael Jackson.

My boy James, CEO and Founder of Coliseum Apparel, LLC, created the "I Love You Forever" Michael Jackson t-shirts. Available in 7 colors, get yours here today!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fab Idea: Eat Ice Cream!

July is National Ice Cream month, no joke it was created during the Regan Administration. The third Sunday of this month is National Ice Cream Day, but who says you can't get started now? Forget about calories and diets for 1 night and invite the girls over for an ice cream social. Also during the month, Ben & Jerry's is having buy on get one free sundaes on Mondays! Check it out:

Jay-Z: D.O.A

Fab Friday calls for Fab Friday videos! Mr. Carter is back and he is really dropping the Blueprint 3 this time. I really like the beat of the song and I get the point he's trying to make, but when something is hot everyone does it. I still give T-Pain credit for giving us something different to listen to. Jay-Z is also the type of rapper that just likes to stand out, and he definitely did that with D.O.A. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The way he made me feel - Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson has been an eye opening, saddening, memory clad series of events throughout the past week. Radio stations have played everything from 1980s "Beat It" to post 2000 "You Rock My World". CNN has been glued to this story with developing news each hour alongside other news networks. There have been numerous talks of tributes-first to go were the BET AWARDS on Sunday evening. I won't post negative energy today but to say the least, that award show was a disgrace and should not have taken such a feat to dedicate a show to MJ days after his death if they couldn't follow through with adequate tributes and performances.
Clubs and Party halls have dedicated nights to solely playing Michael Jackson songs, better known as "Michael Jackson parties". Floral and paraphernalia memorials have been made at the young MJ home in Gary, Indiana to his Neverland Ranch in California. Michael had a strong fan base of young to old, black to white, gay and straight. My childhood has been shaped around Michael Jackson videos amd song. I was terrified of Thriller up until I turned 13 years old. One of my favorite memories are from watching the video, "The way you made me feel" and how Michael was chasing this beautiful woman around the street trying to get her attention. I learned from that point how to play hard to get and keep a man wanting more. Or how about the Sunday night premiere of "Black and White" after watching In Living Color. To this day if "Don't Stop Till you get enough" plays in the club, my girls and I dance harder to that song then any other 2009 club hit.
Michaels death has hit me harder then any other celebrity as he truly had a major piece of my history.

MJ has greatly inspired Celebrities through fashion, song, and dance.

Beyonce and Rihanna in SS09 Balmain Michael Jackson inspired jacket, FYI Michael was wearing Balmain before it became the cool thing to do! (Photo courtesy of Mahogany Butterfly)

Chris Brown , MJ influenced performance:

As the weeks go by the truths and secrets of this mega superstar and family issues will come out. So far, Evan Chandler the young boy in 1993 who first accused MJ of molestation has admitted that it was false and it was done in attempts to receive money to fund his fathers production company. This is just the beginning of the twists and turns that will arise. I want closure and understanding of his death: Why, What, Who......

Stay tuned because this will be a bumpy ride