Friday, September 5, 2008

Double Dutch and Sunflower Seeds

Remember those days?
Childhood. The simplicity of childhood. As anxious as I am to finish my Master’s Degree, become a medical doctor, and take over the Medical world, I miss my childhood memories. I miss that little moment in time where, no matter how f*&^#ed up things may have been, a smile was enough to brighten one’s day. In light of recent events, I’ve been reflecting on how much I miss being a child. That moment in one’s life where innocence was the only behavior one portrayed. I miss the hop-skotch (remember that?) on the black concrete, the blisters from the monkey bars, the scrapes on the knee caps from falling off my first two-wheel bicycle, without the training wheels on!

When I was in New York, with Melissa, two weeks ago, she must have thought I was psycho! I mean, I had this crave to have ice cream. Pregnant? No. Further more, it couldn’t be just any ice cream, it had to be ice cream from the ice cream truck. Luckily, upon arrival to her apartment, there was the ice cream man, parked right outside. I was excited. Got me my Nestle crunch bar for $1.50. I smiled as I devoured the milk-chocolate shell and began to make my way to the cream vanilla filling. I don’t think it was the quality of the ice cream that had me smiling. It was that subconscious feeling, that subconscious memory of child hood. You know, the days when we ran with the speed of light after the ice cream man and thought $1.00 could buy the whole world.

Just a reflection.
The reflection came after my co-worker offered me some ranch-flavored sunflower seeds! I was excited, #1 because I haven’t had sunflower seeds in FOREVER and #2: well, it brought back my elementary school memories. Memories of me and my bestfriends, at the time, double-dutching on that sun-bathed concrete, eating sunflower seeds, spitting out the seed shells, playing MASH, and discussing who the cute boys were.

Ahh, those reminiscent, childhood, memories-- still as fresh as a newborn's bosom.

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