Friday, October 3, 2008

Toughen up those Summer Dresses!

Fellow suite-sueders, the economy is in shambles and we recognize that fabulocity on a budget is essential for Fall 2008. No fear, the fall trends don't require you to go out and purchase any new items-- in fact, the fall trend is very budget friendly. Apparently, Hollywood is experiencing the dentrimental ramifications of our greedy banks. is recommending that women wear oversized cardigans over there summer dresses with a waist belt. This look will keep you warm without looking crazy in a wool coat. Don't forget that wrap dresses also look great! Animal print is a big trend this year; dare to be different, dare to be bold, dare to be animalistic! Wrap dresses can take you a LONG way with a pair of pumps or fierce knee boots.

Casual fridays? No fear! Bring out those skinny jeans from last fall. Wear some cute booties and a casual sweater, you can still maintain that chic, yet professional look, in your office.

In the mean time, visit New York and Company this week for fashion-forward dresses for a CHEAP price! The company is offering a 70% discount on all items thru October 13, 2008. I was able to purchase 3 fabulous dresses and a nice blouse for the office for under 60 bucks- this includes the shipping price as well! Click the image below for a direct link to the site and promotion code information. You can thank suitesuede later!

Enter Code 1022

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