Saturday, October 18, 2008

20 something single gals guide to dating

During this age its all about finding ourselves. We are getting used to our grown selves and have gotten accustomed to what we like and don't in a man. By this point you have dated over a handful of guys that probably aren't worth a damn. Of course all of us have fallen in love with that bad boy, artist, athlete, or the lone skater. Whoever it may be isn't the point. The fact of the matter is, to experience being in a relationship is what makes you a better person and prepare you for THE ONE. We are young, fun, and fierceless young woman. Enjoy going out with plenty of men while discovering your city. Enjoy now because in about a few years, you may be tied down i.e Successful career, husband, and bouncing baby. Be spontaneous, and surprise yourself. Next time you see that guy sitting across from you on the train, give him eye contact for a few seconds, wink if you will, he may be daydreaming about you simultaneously as you day dream about him.

Do know that at this age, our libidos may be wild but that doesn't mean you have to be a loose canon, pleasure comes in being safe.

In the instance you wow him with your fancy, Here are ideal dates for him to fancy you:

*Take dinner and a movie to another level by going to the IMAX theatre and hitting a hookah lounge afterwards. Not only will you see a movie in 3-d, but you will end the night on a serene high note....

*For those lucky girls that hit it big and meet an investment banker while sippin on a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks, allow him to make your first date at a fun and cheap location. You don't want him to see you for what you want-which is him to spend money on you, not yet atleast! Chelsea Pier in New York is excellent. You can go ice skating, play basketball, hockey, whatever you like.

*Swanky lounge, believe it or not, theres nothing sexier than a man not having to worry about meeting a girl, spending outrageous money on drink prices, and having to chase her around. His dream girl is in the club with him and he will profess his smittance with you. And you will be able to determine if he has rhythm! A hot date spot in New York is SOBS, dance the night away with pulsating Brazilian sounds or Neo soul R&b. Do this on a Thursday-as you know it is the new Friday.

*Staying in is the new going out, this should occur by the 5th or 6th date. We are in a recession and you can't expect to spend big money everytime you want to go out. You can get to know each other on a more serious level while being comfortable. Order a large pizza and watch a chick/action flick!

Remember, we are young, vibrant, and fierce. Men can smell this and are immediately attracted to this. Give a little, take a lot, ok well maybe not take a lot, but its usually more fun this way :)

Tell me your best dating tips!

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