Monday, October 13, 2008

Change We Really Need Rally!!!!!!!!!

After hearing Mrs. Michelle Obama speak about her husband's belief and dreams for this nation with enough the passion and belief to move mountains, I am ready to go out a march on Washington!! Well maybe I can't just yet, but I am definitely more fired up about this election than ever before. She only mentioned McCain's name 1 time during her conversation (the audience barely reacted) and spent most of the time talking about her life and her family. I call her words a conversation, because she did not talk to us like she had memorized a speech, but rather like she was having a one-on-one conversation with each person and every person in the room. She spoke as if I saw her walking down the street, stopped her, and asked, "Michelle, tell me about yourself and your family." This woman is amazing and I can't wait for her to take the role of first lady to a new level.

If Michelle is having a rally or community event in a city near you, I highly suggest you see her. It was a moment I will never forget.

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