Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't Forget To Register to Vote!

Deadlines across the Nation are fast approaching. Make sure you're registered to vote because when you are not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem. Check out Rock The Vote's website for deadlines in your state:

Also, click on the Rock The Vote Link on our page to go directly to their voter registration page. Exercise your rights: Vote or Die!


Portia said...
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Portia said...

I haven’t commented on the thoughts of the anonymous posters yet because Susan B. Anthony, James E. Chaney, Andre Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and Ella Baker did not fight and die for my right to vote for me to justify my belief in any candidate to anyone.

However, I think it’s time for me to let the people know a few things and write about the “facts” that the haters love to use.

According to a September 2008 ABC/Washington Post Poll, 61% of the American people polled do not think the War in Iraq is worth fighting and 60% do not even believe a victory is required in Iraq. Let’s face it, the American people are tired of the war and want to bring the troops home. Obama wants to send the troops to Afghanistan because on October 7th, 2001 the War on Terror began and it started began with an invasion in Afghanistan to capture Osama bin Laden. Then, for some crazy reason, in 2003, the War on Terror turned into the War in Iraq because this country was apparently harboring “weapons of mass destruction.” Everyone knows this was a completely false accusation for a war that was fabricated with ulterior motives. And yes Saddam Hussein was a bad man, but Omar al-Bashir, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong II are all bad men and the Bush administration didn’t go declare war on their countries. The war started in Afghanistan because bin Laden is there and Obama wants bring this war to a close by attacking the enemies where they actually are.

Second, a candidate being filled with corruption because his friend bought a lot next to the first house he bought has nothing to do with his ability to perform as president. But if you want to talk corruption, then research McCain’s involvement in the Keating 5. Or better yet read about his wife’s addiction to Vicodin and Percocet and how she had forced a doctor that worked for own charity organization to write fake prescriptions for her. Not to mention that the doctor faced federal prosecution and lost his license and got 3 years of probation and all she had to do was a few hours of community service. Sounds like the true American way; if you’re rich, then you don’t have to go to jail for breaking the law.

McCain’s plan to give the average American family of 5 people $5000 for healthcare when according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a family of only 2.5 people spent $2,664 on health in 2005 is absolutely ridiculous. Oh, not to mention McCain wants to tax that $5000 dollars. I do not whole heartedly believe that Obama can mandate that every company in the America must provide health care, but I do believe he will appoint the right people to develop plans that require large employers to make fair contributions to their employee’s health care plans.
And also, this Republican idea that Democrats want to tax, tax, tax, and spend more money is nothing but foolish talk. Here is the spending break down over the past 4 presidents:

Regan: increased spending by 18.13%

Bush I: increased by 8.44%

Clinton: increased by 5.25%

Bush II: increased by 47.41%

So who are the real big spenders?

And the economy?? Please neither candidate has a secure plan to get us out of this mess. And you continue to say Obama doesn’t know anything about the economy. What does John McCain know? Please fill me in.

I can go on, but the point is, Barack Obama practices what he preaches and honestly believes in the future of this nation. When he talks to the American people, he doesn’t just talk to the “Joe Six-Packs and hockey moms”, he talks to whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gays, heterosexuals, and the list goes on. He is one of the first candidates in a long time to actually speak about the plight of the American people with a passion that shows he honestly cares and he listens to the people because he knows change starts from the bottom up.

Lastly, DO NOT ever discount the efforts of a community organizer or a grass roots leader because I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the efforts of Angela Davis, Mahatma Gandhi, Huey Newton, Joseph Lowery, Bernice Fisher, Ida B. Wells , or Stokely Carmichael. If you don’t know who ALL of these people are, I HIGHLY suggest you Google them.

Fade to Black said...

damn Portia, whatever you said had the previous commentor so scared he/she deleted their comment!

Anonymous said...

Portia, you bring up a number of good points, however there are a number of facts that I have some counterpoints to, and some other arguments I would like to present. First in regards to the spending figures you gave for the past four presidents. The spending during Ronal Regan's term was due to two external factors. First was the recession and massive inflationary period that happend in the early 80's, which historically coencides with government spending, i.e. "The New Deal, Welfare Spending under Carter, etc." Second was the arms spending for the Cold War which culminated in the mid-late 80's and broke the soviet union, freeing and opening eastern europe, which most people agree was a good thing. Second, President Bush I inherited the U.S. during a new economic downtern of the early 1990's, and had to deal with the legitimate war in Iraq in which Iraq invaded Kuwait with no preconditions, this also increased spending. Bill Clinton came into Office during a massive economic uptern, in which tax dollars were flooding into the treasury, so spending was down, and he was able to "balance" the budget, and his administration also set the stage for the Dot Com bust, which was the largest exodus of U.S. capital in the history of the country. Lastly, I agree that President Bush's overseeing of Spending and overall administration of the budget has been atrocious and there is no excuse for the administration's actions. But lets not forget one thing, while it is the executive Branch "Bush", who submits the budget and spending, it is the Senate and House, (both which have been in the Dem majority for the past 6 years), that approve the budget. So this spending mess, is just as much Barak Obamas fault, as Bush's fault, as McCain's fault, as Nancy Pelosi's fault...The fact is it is Washington's as a whole that has failed the american people.

So now we move to what do we do now, and how we look forward at the changes that need to be made. And as much as Barak Obama talks about change, most of his rhetoric is based on talking about the failed policies of the Bush administration. It is one thing to point out the wrongs of one person and talk about how much they screwed up, and it is another thing entirely to come with original ideas and actually get them done. Since Jimmy Carter was elected every Democratic candidate has never focused on what they are going to do but rather pointed out how the former Republican has messed up. The fact of the matter is if Obama gets elected, he is no longer going to be able to point the finger at Bush, and will actually have to stand on his own two feet and improve the situation that we are in and be held accountable for the country since he has held the state of our nation unfairly to President Bush over the last 8 years.

And lastly, not to discount Barak Obamas accomplishments in the community, but I find it very hard to compare him with the likes of Stokely Charmichael, or especially Mathatma Ghandi. Obama has not done anything to bring about massive social reform, or been a political activit for anything truley new and origianl...yet. This doesn't mean that this is not possible, but it is to give him that same credit until he has actually done so. And currently none of his proposed policies are origianl, but are the same policies democrats have been supporting for the past two decades, and that have been around in europe for the past ten years.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had time to post more, but I believe in other anonymous' post.

Portia, keep listening to all the propaganda on TV. It clearly is your opinion...

Portia said...

You both have your own opinions and get my information from books, not the "propaganda" from TV.

But I do disagree with discounting his efforts and saying he can't be compared to Carmichael or Gandhi. Without Gandhi there would no Dr. King and with out Dr. King there would be no Barack Obama. Just because it's not 1960 and we're not sitting in the back of the bus anymore doesn't mean Obama's efforts and accomplishments should be taken in vain. What he has done is a true manifestation of Dr.King's Dream of a more tolerant America.

Lastly like I said, I don't have to prove my belief in any candidate to anyone because people died for my right to vote, not to justify that right to anyone.

Anonymous said...

More tolerant America?? Yeah they better be more tolerant if Obama, because the economy will nose dive even further based upon his financial plan. Good god, Biden and Obama have zero clue on what an economy is. I care solely about the economy and the war, and every other issue is not a significant impact on this country right now. It's a brutally honest statement. In regards to both ideas, Biden may have a plan for the war, but Obama is clueless on what it might be (ie 16 months, you've got to be joking) and as for the economy, Biden and Obama rarely even mention it.

I'm going to start speaking without facts and through my emotion like you and the rest of Obama supporters do. I feel like you think Obama is a large step forward for african americans, and from what I've read it will be, but I don't think it is best for our nation to bring someone in who led a community (maybe a couple thousand people), has barely been in congress 2 years, and who has known affiliations with terrorists.

Once again, Obama is a bad choice for American because of his economic principles, lack of experience and his utopia when it comes to the war. I mean, essentially, that is what the world is to many liberals, is a utopia, but guess what, raise taxes on businesses and oil, and see if the "trickle down" theory doesnt effect the nation.

I will support Obama is he is elected because I am an American 1st, but he cannot blame Bush for all his screw ups forever and I will be the 1st one ready to call him on it, like everyone does Bush. This is not the time to be LEARNING ON THE JOB. This isn't an after school job.

Anonymous said...


Portia, Please let me clarify why I was asking your reasoning of supporting Barak Obama. I by no means feel that you need to justify your vote, thousands died for all of our rights to vote, including my own, so everyone is free to make thier own choice. I just wanted to get a better understanding of why you, and all Obama supporters, believe Obama is the superior candidate. Also it makes for more interesting dialog and more enlightened understanding if we can talk about either candidates position in a civil manner, since on November 5th only one will be president, and all people...Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Blue Colar Workers, Stock Brokers, Hockey Mom's, Stay at Home Dad's, Activists, etc..will be under whoever is leading this country, and will have to support them whether they voted for them or not. And either way we need to be moving forward, and looking that way now.

Beautylicious said...

Overall I feel that both Anonymous writers are so focused on why Obama isn't a good fit opposed to the issues of the past that were not fixed, but in fact created by Republicans-specifically the Bush Admin. First, In regards to Dems pointing fingers at Republicans that is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is the Republican party has brought the ill conditions of our current problems to the American people and quite frankly we are all just fed up. I don't have to validate this with facts and figures from wikipedia,, or google-Its fact point blank.

After your research you agree with the notion that Obama's potential presidency will be an advancement for African Americans, however, I don't feel that its a motivating factor in Portia's rationale for wanting Obama in the office. One single person is not going to advance a race of people just like one single person can not regress it. Of course it's inspiring and a monumental accomplishment but due to what Obama represents and stands for is what appeals to both Portia and I more than his skin tone.
For someone with experience, Bush still hasn't brought anything but trouble to the table (metaphor). This government and economy is in shambles even though both him and war "hero" Mc Cain apparently have executive experience. Obama may be learning on the job, Bush still has yet to learn.

You are correct anonymous number 1, Washington has failed us, and the only way that we can be brought back up whether its McCain or Obama is for a change to occur (I know, its cliche and overused these past few months) and based on Obama's plan of action-(WHICH I WILL NOT LIST, GOOGLE IT) HE is the better candidate to get us out of this sorted mess that was created by both political parties.

Lastly, I commend you two for using Suite Suede as one of the many platforms to exchange ideas and opinions in a civil manner.