Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talking Politics with the Gyno

Him: So you're going to vote for Barack next week?
Me: Yeah, Barack  Obama.
Him: Yeah if I was black I would vote for him too.
Me: Now hold on, its not simply because he's black.
Him: Yes it is, I'm Italian if an Italian man was running, whether he was qualified or not I would vote for him. I've been asking all of my educated black patients this and they all agree with me.
Me: So what do you have against Barack?
Him: I want a strong military, I was there when they bombed us and I want them all killed. If McCain is in office, all the terrorist will be killed. And America needs a strong military.
In my opinion, Reagan was the best president.
Me: Really, and so the only reason why you want McCain to win is because of the military?
Him: Well, I can't deal with the high taxes
Me: So I take it you fall in that high income bracket?
Him: Yeah, well, due to my pursuit of higher education
Me: are voting for McCain because you're white
Him: No, because of the military and he won't tax me as much as Barack would. Race plays a major issue in this election, however these young people want to vote for Barack but I'm sure they all won't turn out unless they come out by the hundreds.
Me: You might be surprised, there's a chance that McCain might win, you know how funny stuff tends to happen when it comes to politics. (as I give him a glare that really states, you know racist white people will try everything in your power from having him make the office).
Him: ........ Well we will find out what happens, make sure you book your next appointment after next Wednesday. 

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Coutura said...

this is why i dread, but somehow always end up, discussing politics with people. at a halloween party last night, a guest who i usually get along with said that palin had more experience than obama---yes, palin whose foreign policy experience consists of seeing russia from her window. huh? but like you saw, these debates rarely change people's opinions and often leave both parties feeling frustrated...