Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain Needs a Chill Pill

After 2 subpar debates, Barack Obama, John McCain, and the Commission on Presidential Debates finally got it right. The 3rd and final presidential candidate aired last night; it was engaging, entertaining, and McCain's facial expressions were down right hilarious. Bob Schieffer was hands down the best moderator of all the debates and asked questions that pushed the candidates out of their comfort zones.

John McCain performed better than he has on any other debate, but made his common mistake of speaking on and continually repeating comments that diminish his performance rather than help. John really failed this time when he brought up Joe the Plummer. I thought the debate's topic was domestic issues, not Joe the Plummer. Another blow to the McCain camp was when he got all bent out of shape after Schieffer asked an excellent question about the negative ads from both sides of the campaign. McCain claimed that Obama's campaign has "spent more money on ever in the history of presidential elections" on negative ads. He was also extremely upset about a congress man's recent statements that basically labeled him and Sarah Palin racist and the fact that Obama didn't repute these statements. Obama summed it up nicely when he said the American people could care less about our hurt feelings and that his campaign did issue a response. If McCain was so bent out of shape, why for remainder of the debate, did he continue to bring up negative issues to attack Obama with; he commented on Obama's "association" with Williams Ayers, Acorn, his views on abortion, and school vouchers. John McCain needs to take a chill pill and practice hiding his disdain for Barack Obama better.

Fortunately for Obama, McCain's falters were his opportunities to build. Although he did not have to, Obama explained every attack McCain made against him. I mean Obama's was an attorney at law, what did McCain expect?


Fade to Black said...

very well written. Excellent analysis.

Beautylicious said...

The moderators are entertaining, Bob Schieffer was by far the best. He put both candidates in their place when necessary and my favorite question was him asking them both to keep it real and stop talking behind each others backs and put it out on the table. LOL, ok so he didn't say it that way verbatim, but that's how I like to interpret it :)

Lady SPIN Doctor said...

How about McCain asked Obama why he didnt vote for certain supreme court justices that were voted in when Obama wasn't even in the Senate about a Senile moment for you.