Wednesday, October 8, 2008

51st Ebony Fashion Fair: The Runway Report

Sunday, October 5 at the Legendary Apollo Theatre Ebony Fashion Fair, the largest travelling fashion show graced the Apollo with yet another legendary performance. This show reported on all that is whats now! 
The show featured impeccable designs from the houses of Giuseppe Zanotti, Dior, Christian Lacroix, Missoni, and more. 
This wasn't your typical fashion show where rail thin European models sulk down the runway, Ebony Fashion Fair models brought in the fierce, fun, and fashion! The models were able to display their personality but most importantly the meticulous garment designs. Here are my two favorites-
Christian Lacroix wrap waist silk gown with abstract print:

Haute couture collection by Italian designer Sarli:

As you know, I held it down for the Suite Suede fashionistas and attended sought out shows during NYC fashion week and literally every show-except Baby Phat, did not book more than a handful of black models. Apparently, having Chanel Iman grace your runway fills the status quo....

But what makes Ebony Fashion Fair show more compelling is its significant history.  Fashion Icon EuniceW. Johnson, came up with the original concept of the Ebony Fashion Fair in the 1960s because she wanted to create a platform where black women could gain entry into the fashion industry. Unfortunately, the scarcity of black models still stands firm today. Tyra has spoke on this several times on her show, and this has caused debates amongst fashionistas everywhere.

 Vogue Italia devoted  their entire July issue to display the power aesthetic of Black Beauty. There were 3 different covers, and I just had to grab the Naomi issue! The reason behind this was to put it out there simply: Black women are a financially motivating force in the fashion industry, and we need to be featured! I literally searched high and low in every magazine/bodega shop in NYC to cop this collector's item. Talk about being the most wanted issue ever!
 When we grace covers, we CAN and WILL sell off the shelf: Take that haters


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Fade to Black said...

I am LOVING that Christian Lacroix dress! I yearn for the day that I can purchase a collection of his clothes!