Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama Psi Phi?

SO, some genius middle school teacher in Missouri was suspended Monday for uploading a video on YouTube of his students spitting information from Barack Obama speeches and wearing military fatigues. The video, called "Obama Youth -- Junior Fraternity Regiment," was posted by a YouTube user named "keepitwildtv" on Oct. 2. The school found out about it and suspended the teacher the following Monday. Wowzers, this election is causing people to deviate from the norm. However, I commend the teacher for educating his student on Obama's proposed policies and recommendations.


Beautylicious said...

Is this as bad as the white teacher in Marianna, FL who wrote this on the black board: Can You Help A (expletive) Get Elected" and "Come Help A (expletive) Get Elected." Change is Obamas slogan and the teacher made that the acronym for change. It looks like these teachers should not force politics into the classroom and on their pupils. Ironically, Obama is trying to raise both of their salaries.

Lady SPIN Doctor said...

i can't support it