Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost Better Than Beyonce!! If You Liked It Then You Should've Put a Ring On It: Part 2

This guy is great; I can't get enough of him. Fade posted Beyonce's video to "Single Ladies" and this is my response to her. The outfit is a bit out of control, but he could definitely take Beyonce in a dance off. He's just plain fierce!!


E. "Bluntastic" Pizzler, the Fourth said...

I love him - he was my facebook status for like 3 days. The best part is his level of coolness when the song first begins (all the single ladies) and he's rocking from side to side. I love his face and attitude during that part...he even brings it up a bit to the front.

And the fact that he did it in such a small space.

There's so much I could say..Beyonce should put him in the next video :)


Fade to Black said...

lmao! I can't take this seriously. He is working it though-- would it be akward to be a tad bit jealous? LOL.