Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your Sunday Easter Best: Clutches

No Easter Sunday outfit is complete without a Spring time inspired clutch. Matching is overrated; and if you need proof, Clinton and Stacey on "What Not to Wear" often say that matching your bag with your shoes and outfit is something our mothers did. So don't worry about having your bag and shoes match; in fact, the best outfits incorporate the right hue of colors that "you're aren't supposed to wear together." It may not sound like it looks good, but trust me:

Macy's; "La Regale" pink and silver beaded clutch, $60
Soft green, pale blue; or light fuchsia dresses. Yes, definitely wear a wear with this clutch

Kohl's; "Apt. 9" Abstract clutch, $16
This is literally a portable work of art; so if you have a white dress, let that be your blank canvass and the bag your masterpiece

Nordstrom; "Beckon" Soft bow Clutch, $98
Try a bright yellow clutch with any light to medium shade of pink dress or skirt

Target, Beaded Peacock feather clutch, $14.99
Enhance the greens the peacock detail and wear similar shades. But avoid navy or dark green because they will make the clutch look dull. The brighter the color, the better. The price is as beautiful as the bag. This level beaded detailing for only $14.99 is a STEAL

Dillard's; "J.Renee" Floral print envelope clutch, $99
I would use this one for church and all Spring. There are so many colors in the bag, so pick a shade and get pieces that work with it. Any pop of lavender in your outfit would work to accentuate the bag

New York & Co.; Braided Purple tulip clutch, $19.95
Stay away from dark red, brown, orange, and dark prints with this one. But a nice light blue, pale yellow, or coral; perfection!


Mina said...

I especially like the nordstrom beckon clutch! Thanks for including a variety of styles & prices!

Amanda said...

Awesome selection of beautiful clutches.!! Personally Kohls Abstract clutch is my favorite

Sandy said...

my favorite is the abstract clutch. i also love, i wish they would give out more coupons!