Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(no) Sex and the City: Part 2


Have you ever met a guy and thought there was a strong connection? You engage the usual routine; talk, exchange numbers, and go out on the first date. But, when you go out on that date, you find out that you were blinded by his good looks and charm during that first meeting and the initial connection sparks slowly start to dwindle away. And reason why the sparks dwindle is because of the mixed signals, the confusing mixed signals. Either he's too forward and thinks you guys are sleeping together just because he bought you a meal, and you just thought it was a causal first date. Or he's not being completely honest about his relationship status, career, lifestyle, or anything else you want to know about a guy. Or he thinks he thinks he's God's gift to Earth and talks about all the women he's been with and can get. So then, why did you ask me out? Or you just don't know what this guy wants: Does he what to date, is he looking for a serious relationship, does he want to start as friends? Neither of you is being honest and upfront with each other, and all the dating details become really confusing. There's also the initial phases of dating, like should I call him or should I let him call me? Are we officially together or are still just dating now? Should I be dating other people; is he dating other people? And should I be angry if he's dating other women?

I think this is why a lot of potential relationships don't get a chance to get off the starting blocks and fail during the beginning phases. Being honest with someone you're just getting to know can be very difficult, but it shouldn't be. Think about it, if you tell him that you're single, really enjoying the dating life right now, and are not looking for anything serious. What's the worst that could happen? If he tells you he's not looking for that, no worries because other guys will ask you out or you'll ask them out (yes you can!). And if you're confused about status, just ask him. Next time you guys are hanging out, tell him if you're dating other people or not. If you open up first, he might be more likely to share what he's thinking. I think it's better to save ourselves the trouble and time; avoid the confusing moments of dating and be honest with each other.

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