Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Easter Sunday Best: Hats

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Sunday church hats are wonderful, but Easter Sunday church hats take it to the next level. I think Easter Sunday hats at any prominent African American church could rival those at the Kentucky Derby. As I was searching for hats, I got curious about the history of the "Sunday Church Hat" and why the tradition started amongst African American women. has a great slide show about the history of church hats; as many of us know, most of us worked as domestic servants and had to wear bland and unflattering uniforms everyday. Sunday was the one day of the week African American women could express their true selves in the most beautiful outfits they owned. And the hat was the finishing "crown." Easter Sunday and Mother's Day became the biggest days for wearing hats. I encourage all of us to embrace the history, glory, and pride of this tradition; wear your Easter Sunday hat with thankfulness to the women that came before us: Slide Show:,29307,1874131_1830144,00.html

KakyCo;;Jade and Silver wide brim hat, $53

KakyCo;;Yellow floral hat, $68

Spiegel; Red Straw hat, $39

Berkley Hat; Lime rhinestone hat,$79

Ralph Lauren; Flower sun hat, $79

Lane Bryant; Bow accent sun hat, $22.50|%20Scarves&s19c=9

Nordstrom; Flower fedora,$118

Saumel's Hat's: "Seeberger" red hat, $119

Saumel's Hat's; "Plaza Suite" lavender hat, $150

The store is located in the financial district in New York City on Nassau Street and you can order on their website. They have an endless selection of beautiful hats for every occasion. I like to stay on the recession budget, but the detailing on some of these hats makes them well worth the price.


Mina said...

I love hats! The bigger the better, but I always wonder if @ 23 I'm 2 young to start wearing them

togga said...

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