Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New York Trendsettters : Partying Claim to Fame

I have to promote Absolut Vodka Mango flavor forever since they placed me on page 80 of there national US Weekly ad with my fabulous CoCoa hued friends- Bernie, Sandrine, and Glamazon -Jessica (
I think we are the hottest thing to drink Absolut since Samantha's boo, Smith Jared from Sex and the City.

Although im a few days late a dollar short, I totally forgot to post about this party, it was great, it was for the introduction of there Mango Absolut flavored liquer. It was open bar all night with mango decorations and amazing music at venue SPACE. I think in today's economy it's really beneficial & smart to have events such as this to promote the brand and get people buzzed so that the results are that they are economically inclined to purchase at their next personal shindig. In my own mind I am officially the "Absolut Mango Girl".

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