Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Fling!

Well, ladies and gents, Spring is here! A number of my colleagues are constantly seeking information regarding the types of activities to participate it during the Spring time. Between the rain and allergies one can develop some mild variation of a "phobia" towards outdoor spring weather. Despite some of Spring's environmental "challenges," Suite Suede has managed to come up with a brief list of activities for our fellow bloggers to participate in:

BIKE RIDE! There's nothing like taking advantage of the outdoor weather while part-taking in some sort of cardio activity. If there's a bike trail or park nearby, experience the breeze and become one with nature. If you are lucky enough to live in a downtown district or somewhere where there's a grocery store or other conveniences located within a 2mile radius, challenge your physical abilities and ride your bike, instead of your car, to these locations. Besides, bike riding is another way of being more environmentally-friendly!

PICNIC anyone? I live in downtown Silver Spring, which is only minutes away from the nation's capital of Washington, D.C. A nice afternoon picnic with some family and friends is always nice. Whether it's at a local park or at a historical venue, packing a couple of sandwiches, fruits, and beverage is always a nice way to take advantage of the Spring season! Also, ladies, it's an excellent opportunity to strut the beautiful spring floral dresses on display at Arden B or Forever 21.

Native Tourists.
Now, I generally despise tourists, especially during Cherry Blossom season; however, taking on the role as a native tourist is >great. Visit the historic venues, if there are any, located in your town or the ones a couple of towns over. No matter how "native" you are to your current location, you would be surprised by the magnitude of culture and historical evidence located right next door! Museum browsing, landmark visiting, or even a libary visit may prove to be more archaic than you think. Knowledge is power, homey.

Outdoor Concerts 'Tis the season for rock bands and 'R&B groups, alike, to begin offering outdoor performances. And since I know most folks are holding onto their recession budgets, outdoor concerts are generally free or offered at a reduced rate! Sway to the sound of a banjo, or the soulful voice of a songstress! Eitherway, you enjoy the dual benefits-- music and good weather-- a wonderful union!

Just a few general ideas. Keep an eye out on our "Upcoming Events" section for festivities and or activities occurring across major cities in the United States. If you have an idea as well, shoot us an e-mail and we'll add your event to our website.

ENJOY Spring Fever!

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