Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Earth Week, be Eco-Chic

Earth Week started yesterday and continues until April 25th. Earth Week is the extension of Earth Day on April 22nd and both have the same purpose to inspire awareness and appreciation of the Earth's environment. It seems like in the last 5 years, "Going Green" has become the "in" thing to do. People have hybrid cars, carry reusable bags (remember 2 summers ago when Whole Foods had the "This is Not a Plastic Bag" reusable bag and people stood in line for hours to get one?), buy free trade, and wear recycled clothes. Yes, eco-friendly clothes and totes are quickly gaining popularity and here are some Eco-Chic finds:

Walmart, Organic Cotton Tee, inspired by Beyonce; $6
Don't sleep on Walmart, they have Earth Day Tees inspired by musicians like Keith Urban, Gavin Rossdale, Jewel, and of course Beyonce. All the shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. usually don't like holiday inspired shirts, but the design on this is hot. Wear this with skinny jeans, a black vest, and a skinny belt.

Sak's Fifth Avenue, Good Society Organic jeans; $99
And here are your jeans to wear with your Earth Day shirt; they're made from 100% organic cotton. What's all the rage about organic cotton? According to the wonderful Wikipedia, it's made from plants that aren't genetically modified or treated with pesticides.

Target, "Loomstate" for Target bird-print shorts, $26.99
Target has teamed up with Scott Hahn and Rogan Gregory to bring you the limited-edition "Loomstate" line. All the pieces in the line are made with 100% organic cotton and these shorts are a great eco-friendly addition to your summer wardrobe.

Boutique To You, Gypsy Paris 05 Dress, $59.99
This dress is the definition of eco-friendly, its made in a solar-powered factory, of organic fabric, and natural dyes. Check out the all of Gypsy 5's 2009 collection: And Halle is a fan of this dress too.

Kohl's, Sterling Silver tree pendent, $19.99
The Pendant display card is made of recycled paper and biodegradable plastic; and proceeds from purchases go to the World Wildlife Fund.

Forever 21, Peacock feather print tote, $5.50
This economical reusable woven cotton tote bag is so cute, I could carry this all Spring and Summer

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