Monday, May 4, 2009

Michelle's 1st 100 days: Community involvement

Lots of newspapers and magazines are talking about Michelle Obama's first 100 days as First Lady. Many are focusing on the inspiration she has provided to women around the world, the historical impact of her reign as First Lady, or how wonderful she has dressed and looked.All the reasons are significant and completely valid, but I want to focus on what she has done in community service. And how her actions have basically made the White House, the People's House.

Even before she was officially First Lady, she was serving military families meals at "Operation Gratitude" on MLK Day of Service

She invited 6th and 7th graders from a DC school to perform in the White House during Black History Month

Serving meals at Miriam's Kitchen

Helping YouthBuild Americorp put the finishing touches on their energy-efficient home construction project

The White House Garden, she decided to start the garden and work with a class of 5th graders to show them the importance of healthy eating.

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