Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recession Wardrobe: Sandals

We all love a great summer sandal and we love buying designer sandals because they last longer than cheaper ones. Well look, times are tough and people need to save money. But you still want to look good, so you should shop for sandals that look like you spent a lot of money but didn't. It's really easy; you just need to have a good eye for essentials for high-end staples. Look for vibrant colors, faux (but real looking) leather, and embellishments.

Old Navy; $19.50
The jeweled embellishment and faux snake skin make these look like you spent more than $20. Old Navy is great from sandals and flats, and try to go in the middle of summer when they're on clearance.

Charlotte Russe; $16.99
Once again the faux snake skin in a vibrant color really makes these look high-end. And that cuff in the back is great

Target; $14.99
These have 2 of the makings expensive looking shoes; vibrant colors and faux (but real looking) leather||B001PIDGTS&CPNG=women&ref=tgt_adv_XSC10001

New York & Company
; $14
Take your pick, they all look great!


Fade to Black said...

Portia, you are the bomb! You always seem to know when to post certain topics! I've been looking for some sandals for the longest! Those NY and Company Sandals are so cute; I'm going to stop by the store tomorrow and pick up a couple

Portia said...

Yes! Aren't they so great?! Go out and buy all the colors.

Elle said...

Love those cool and stylish flat shoes... Best for summer and spring time...