Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kentucky Grilled Chicken: Oprah is Buying your Lunch

Everybody and their cousin is talking about this new Kentucky Grilled Chicken at KFC. Earlier this week, I was listening to Tigger on PGC talk about how KFC had a promotion for the KGC (Kentucky Grilled Chicken acronym) and everywhere he went, the restaurants were out of chicken. Usually, I'm not a fan of KFC but this grilled chicken looks delicious and healthier than a regular KFC meal. Well our favorite gal Oprah must be a fan too, because her website is offering a coupon to get 2 pieces, 2 sides, and a biscuit for FREE! That’s right for FREE and it doesn’t expire until 5/19!

Download your coupon before 9 PM tomorrow:


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Beautylicious said...

Working in Manhattan, lunch can get really expensive. So I print out the coupons and do the treck out to 34th street and not only is the line long with majority black folks (stereotype but we love chicken)the lady says, "We are out of grilled chicken"! I said what! then I walked right out the door. That don't make no sense, I will just have to go on a random day, at a random location.