Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Night: (Black) Chick Flick Night

Sometimes my work week wears me down to the last drop of energy I have, and I am super tired by Friday. When you're that tired you don't fell like going out. But we're also young and don't want to be anti-social by staying the the house. Here's a fab Friday idea that combines being social and staying in; host a (Black) Chick Flick night at your place. Invite a few of your girlfriends over and watch your favorite movies. Pretty much anything with Sanaa Lathan in it is a go. In my opinion, a few essentials are Brown Sugar, Love & Basketball, Waiting to Exhale, Love Jones, and Dream Girls. I'm sure any of the movies you select will generate great conversions before, during (you know you have girlfriends that talk during movies), and after you watch.

And feeding people shouldn't be too expensive. Try Asian food snacks; get a couple boxes of egg rolls and pot stickers. Lettuce wraps are also really easy to make; get a head of lettuce, a package of chicken breast and marinate them in mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar mixed with water, hot mustard, maybe some ginger, and chopped onions, carrots, etc (get creative!). Shimmer the chicken in a frying, cut it up, top with some crushed peanuts, and have people fill their lettuce cups themselves. See, that was easy! Have a Fab Friday Night!

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JanaB said...

Hey Fade! I am thrilled to find your blog! I am Kafui and Stella's friend. . . we chatted at the MWPHA meeting!

Soo . . . all I have to say is the white girl can love a lil' brown sugar too :)

Hope you check out my blog too. .

Hope to see around more!