Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wouldn't you have liked to have been on that train ride?

Yesterday, Barack, Michelle, Joe, Jill, and several other very lucky people traveled by train from Philadelphia to Washington DC. During this historic trip, Barack Obama retraced President Lincoln's train route during his journey to the White House in 1861. Obama and Biden gave speeches in Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore. has great coverage of the story:

When I was watching Barack's speech in Baltimore on CNN, I just couldn't help but think that Obama and his camp have to be crazy to schedule all these events. He seems so unconcerned about his safety and more concerned about involving every American in this part of history. After his speech, he and Michelle went down to greet the crowd. I could see the concern and intensity on his Secret Service's faces, as the Obamas shook hands and hugged the on-lookers. But I think his Secret Service knows Obama pretty well by now and knows he believes in achieving the impossible. He truely has plans to make this an Inauguaration for the people to remember.

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