Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 2nd most anticipated moment of Jan. 20th

So, the wait is finally over, we saw Michelle Obama's dress! Literally an hour after she appeared at the "Neighborhood Ball", the Internet was in a frenzy over that dress. According to People online, the designer is Jason Wu, and I'm pretty sure his life will change forever.

I think the dress is WONDERFUL!!! But, she threw me for a loop. I definitely thought she would wear a color, but I knew she would have her shoulders and arms out because she has a well toned upper body. However, this dress was a great choice. The one shoulder strap and the flower detailing looked great; however, people watching on TV might think the detailing was too much but I have a feeling the dress is more stunning in person. The only problem was the length and how she kept having to adjust the train while she was dancing. But overall, I think she looked stunning. Lastly, give the woman a break it's her night, she's not worried about anyone but her and husband and remembering this night for the rest of her life.

photo from People online

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