Thursday, January 8, 2009

Riots in Oakland

On Wednesday night, the Bay area experienced some of the worst rioting in recent history. People were protesting the shooting of a 22 year-old African American male by a police officer. The young man, Oscar Grant, was shot in public, at a subway station while lying face down on his back. The shooting was captured on video and is now circling the Internet. Sadly, Grant died from his wound. Protesters began the rioting out of frustration in the development of the case against the officer that shot him. The shooting happened on New Year's day, but there hasn't been significant steps towards convicting the officer.

I don't endorse riots, but I do believe this would have been another story that mainstream media wouldn't have reported if the riots hadn't taken place. Oscar Grant would have been just another American American man killed by a bullet.

CNN reported the rioting that took place afer Grant's funeral:

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