Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This 2008 presidential campaign was the first time in my generation that campaign merchandise became a fashion statement. People were and are still buying anything with Barack Obama's face on it. Barack-a-phernalia as I like to call it, became the hottest fashion trend and you just couldn't escape it! I hope everyone has a great time during inauguration. I also hope you look fly because there will be so much media around and you might end up on TV; you don't want to look bad on TV, do you?

Runway to Change, designed by Zac Posen: $45

This shirt is a bit pricey, but it would look great with a pair of white or grey skinny jeans, black pump, and some huge silver earrings. Definitely wear this to one of the hundreds of parties going on this weekend

F.I.L.M, "To the Moon Michelle": $20

Jereme Scott took one of his paintings and print screened it onto a t-shirt. I have this shirt and LOVE it! Look at Barack holding that team USA jersey and with the DC fitted! Come on, it's doesn't get much better than the DC fitted!
Contact Jereme:

Urban Outfitters, "Yes We Did": $34

Urban Outfitters in Uptown still has some Obama shirts, but if you want to see more go to

Coup, "Inauguration 1.20.09": $33

Check out this website, her t-shirts are some of the best prints I have seen when it comes to Obama shirts. Wear them with bright colored skinny jeans or leggings. Madonna has been seen wearing these designer's shirts and hurry because the 14th is the last day to order a shirt.

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