Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Recession Budget: Grocery Stores and Coupons are SO in!

Fade, Melissa, and I decided to have some posts about how to save money doing this mess of an economic down fall.

You have to eat everyday and saving money on food is really easy. Stop paying $5 to $7 dollars a day on lunch and bring your lunch during the week. Go to the grocery store and buy food that will last you for a week or two. Here's some tips:

• Before you go shopping, make a list and never go grocery shopping when your hungry

• Clipping Coupons is VERY in, there's tons of websites that offer coupons you can print out at home:

• Try to go shopping during the weekday; some stores have double coupon days!

This website tells you which grocery stores in your state have double days:

• Don’t just bring a sandwich everyday; get creative and try soups, wraps, a Panini, a homemade salad, pasta salad, or chili. Between Kraft, Campbell’s, Lean Cuisine, Stouffers, and Red Baron; you shouldn’t have a problem finding options.

Panera Bread sells a Smokehouse Turkey Panini, chips, and a drink for about $6.00. However, Stouffer's Corner Bistro microwavable Smoked Turkey Club Panini is $3.00, you can get a .30 cent bag of chips, and a drink from the vending machine for a dollar. Plus, you don't have to wait in line. Oh,treat yourself on Fridays, go ahead and buy lunch. Bon app├ętit!

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