Friday, November 28, 2008

ATL Housewives Reunion aka HotMess

I can't lie, this show was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. In the midst of office conversations, I would always comment on how embarrasing and ridiculous this season was, but I would be the first one tuned into my TV on Tuesday at 10 PM. Which Housewife am I? I would have to say I cant enough of NeNe's bam in your face 'tude! DeShawns peacemaking- Kim lush cup of Dom Perignon- Lisa's socialness and quirkiness- and Sheree's impeccable fashion sense! And you know, I am all for the Honorable Housewife, Dwight-Celebrity Hairstylist, Keepin it real and always the most fabulously dressed man on that show! I am very sad to see this show end but what a way it went!
Theres rumors of a season 2....hmm.. Perhaps NeNe and Kim can patch up the rift between them. And whats up with Lisa threatening to hurt Kim? I must say, I was very disappointed in DeShawn during the reunion show. She wanted to be classy and keep it mum, but she came off as having no backbone in my opinon. Even Lisa put her on blast and said, "Crickets, Crickets" when DeShawn refused to answer a question.
Sheree talks a big talk when you push her far enough, but she also played it safe and just smiled through out the night.
I know one things for sure, I want to be an Atlanta Housewife when I grow up-Well atleast have their bank accounts!

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Portia said...

I didn't get to see the show, but it's everyone's guilty pleasure. Even Anderson Cooper was talking about how he watches the show. I'll be waiting for the second season.