Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Real Conversations

I think everyone is amped as they anxiously anticipate devouring free turkey and the other side dishes that Thanksgiving brings along with it!
I can't wait-- even if I don't do anything, I am thankful for the mercy and grace that God has bestowed upon myself and my family members throughout 2008 thus far. It's been one heck of a rollercoaster year, but God continues to show me his mercy and blessing.

I had a very influential discussion with my sister's church mentor. She's really trying to get me to go back to church and spend some time volunteering in a ministry where I can help the youth out. I was once a troubled youth and a lot of church members, including my pastor, are amazed by the transition I have made in my life thus far. It' funny, because some times I reflect on who I was several years ago and look at myself now. I know I am far from perfect, but at the end of the day I can honestly say that I have changed for the better. I still have a ways ahead of me, but it is safe to say that God has had a profound impact on my life thus far. It's kind of crazy because I don't think alot of people realize that I've endured an intense spiritual battle for almost 6-7 years. Contemplating on where I fit within the spiritual realm and finding out how to forgive myself for the activities I once indulged in during my teen years. I used to bed BAD! No, not bad in a good way. Bad in a way where I constantly had people asking: WTF? But you know, my life now testifies to the fact that God is the only author and finisher of my fate and a proclamation that I am a daughter of promise and Legacy & Success are my destiny. I'm trying to sound preachy, but you know, at some point, we have to self-reflect and attempt to track the progress in our life. This shouldn't only take place during the New Year. The conversation served as a stress-reliever. The goal is to attend church on a more consistent basis; I talk to God everyday but not being in church is starving your spirit. You know you what they say, if your spirit is starving then your flesh is rejoicing-- not a good imbalance, lol.

Food for thought.

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