Thursday, November 13, 2008

Industry Party-Ursula Stephens Birthday

Ursula Stephens, noted hairstylist of Rihanna, Michelle Williams, and countless, nameless Essence Magazine models celebrated her Birthday Bash at the L'Oreal Products Institute. How fitting, a hairstylist throws a party at a hair salon. Ursula is down to earth, sweet, and funky. I just had to attend her birthday celebration. The crowd consisted of bougey black folks, and enough gay men to cover Peachtree Rd in Atlanta, GA. I was more excited to be at the hair salon then the actual celebration. After awhile, everyone was feeling them selves too hard for no reason. But I did appreciate Michelle Williams ear shattering rendition of "Happy Birthday".

Ursula working her magic-ONLY for Rihanna that is (inside Joke) Coutura from The Glamazons gets it.

AJ Crimson, Sam Fine, Ashunta Harris, and nameless America Top Model Rejects were there. Shout out to Daniellle er em, "DANI" She is too fierce in person. All I gotta say is, Hopefully Ursulas haircut magic and can rub success onto Michelles new 'd0.

Here's a throwback! I had to throw in this picture because I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't for Ursula remembering me from a past Essence shoot, Portia-I don't know where its at, so don't ask lol

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Portia said...

LOL!! You know me well!!! How in the name did you lose that pic? Now, I have to find Ri Ri and take another pic.