Thursday, August 20, 2009

My new approach to job searching cont...

I'm still on the hunt for a new career path and thinking of more ways to step-up my job search. This week, I'm thinking of ways to use alumni connections. Do you pay a membership fee for your college alumni service? If you do, then make the most use of your resources during your job search. If you find a position you're really interested in, search your alumni directory to see if an alum works at the company you're interested in. Email the person before you apply for the job and ask them about the organization's culture and the type of employees they look for. I'm sure they'll be more than willing to talk to you, especially if you went to a school with lots of pride like my alma mater UNC. They might even be able to give you the hiring manager's contact information or forward your resume to the right person. Don't get discouraged in your search!

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