Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do younger men approach you?

He's a cutie, but he's also a young one

I look young, but I know I don't look like a teenager anymore. However, this doesn't seem to stop the 16 - 18 year-old group from trying to talk to me when I'm out during the day. They pretty much all say the same thing, "Hi, what's your name? Can I get your number?" I just laugh them off when they tell me they're 17 or 18 years-old. I think younger guys try to talk to us because they have no fear. They're at the age where they don't really care if women pay any attention to their wooing because they can move on to the next girl. I wonder if older men lack this fearlessness because they seem more hesitant to approach women with that "young care-free" attitude. I'm not sure if they're looking for something more serious or if they're just afraid of getting their feelings hurt. Well guys, I say you have to get over that and think back to your younger days. Just take a chance and say, "Hi, what's your name?", it just might work next time.

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Anonymous said...

At least they're not approaching with the "yo shawty" or..."aye! Aye!"