Friday, August 21, 2009

Fab Sale: District Sample Sale

Fashion meets compassion at one of DC's best sales of the season on September 16th. The District Sample Sale brings together 20 of DC's best boutiques to sell their end-of-the-season clothes at (extremely) wallet-friendly prices. Fall 2009 stores include Wink, Urban Chic, Sugar, and many more. DSS has taken place in the Spring and Fall since 2007 and is a completely volunteer run event. The best part about DSS; 100% of the proceeds benefit a different charity each sale. The Fall 2009 beneficiary is Rachael's Women's Center, a daytime shelter for homeless women in DC. RWC has a great Street Outreach program where outreach workers work to develop trusting relationships with people living on the streets. Their efforts help bring people that are usually hesitant to visit the shelter to come in for shelter, a warm meal, and several other services. Tickets start at $40, please support DSS because helping an amazing nonprofit like RWC is one of the best excuses to go shopping! If you have any questions, please contact DSS at:


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