Monday, August 10, 2009

My new approach to job searching cont...

Another week of job searching began today and this week I'm thinking about more ways to put myself out there. You know, let the world know that I'm looking for a new career. One good way to showcase your talents is through freelancing. Our very own Beautylicious is a phenomenal beauty maven and makeup artist. She has done freelance work for a music video, a few MTV programs, and a wedding. She earns (side hustle) money for her work, gains exposure, and meets more people to add to her network. Not everyone has to be a stellar makeup guru to freelance, do something you do better than most people. You can try event planning, writing, wardrobe styling, or even cooking for a busy family. And promoting yourself has never been easier; between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Craigslist someone is bond to find you. The most important thing to do is document your work! Take tons of pictures and save all your sample and those doors will open soon. Don't get discouraged!

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