Thursday, July 16, 2009

Forever 21 not just for trendy last minute shopping, Beauty is en route

WWD reported that Forever 21 is launching a new makeup line later this year. I can count on this retailer to purchase last minute cute trends and accessories that are destroyed by one wash, and tarnished by a few wears.
I am all for supporting cosmetic companies, but am I really going to purchase a foundation, blush, or lip stick from Forever 21?
Most likely, the demographic here would be teenage teeny boppers so don't expect a sexy Lipstick or a vibrating Mascara.

I generally hate when retailers do this, add cosmetics to their repetoire because they sell a mass amount of shoes, clothing, or perfume. However, some retailers have managed to get it right i.e. Victoria Secret Beauty and H&M Cosmetics shown below. (sold in Europe EYEROLL!)

I hate to be Negative Nia, but I'm not rushing to buy Forever 21 makeup when it debuts. Think about it, there Lipgloss is sticky and runs dry immediately!

Will you purchase> and why?

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