Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The way he made me feel - Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson has been an eye opening, saddening, memory clad series of events throughout the past week. Radio stations have played everything from 1980s "Beat It" to post 2000 "You Rock My World". CNN has been glued to this story with developing news each hour alongside other news networks. There have been numerous talks of tributes-first to go were the BET AWARDS on Sunday evening. I won't post negative energy today but to say the least, that award show was a disgrace and should not have taken such a feat to dedicate a show to MJ days after his death if they couldn't follow through with adequate tributes and performances.
Clubs and Party halls have dedicated nights to solely playing Michael Jackson songs, better known as "Michael Jackson parties". Floral and paraphernalia memorials have been made at the young MJ home in Gary, Indiana to his Neverland Ranch in California. Michael had a strong fan base of young to old, black to white, gay and straight. My childhood has been shaped around Michael Jackson videos amd song. I was terrified of Thriller up until I turned 13 years old. One of my favorite memories are from watching the video, "The way you made me feel" and how Michael was chasing this beautiful woman around the street trying to get her attention. I learned from that point how to play hard to get and keep a man wanting more. Or how about the Sunday night premiere of "Black and White" after watching In Living Color. To this day if "Don't Stop Till you get enough" plays in the club, my girls and I dance harder to that song then any other 2009 club hit.
Michaels death has hit me harder then any other celebrity as he truly had a major piece of my history.

MJ has greatly inspired Celebrities through fashion, song, and dance.

Beyonce and Rihanna in SS09 Balmain Michael Jackson inspired jacket, FYI Michael was wearing Balmain before it became the cool thing to do! (Photo courtesy of Mahogany Butterfly)

Chris Brown , MJ influenced performance:

As the weeks go by the truths and secrets of this mega superstar and family issues will come out. So far, Evan Chandler the young boy in 1993 who first accused MJ of molestation has admitted that it was false and it was done in attempts to receive money to fund his fathers production company. This is just the beginning of the twists and turns that will arise. I want closure and understanding of his death: Why, What, Who......

Stay tuned because this will be a bumpy ride


Coutura said...

This is a beautiful post (and great title)! I love reading about your memories and I remember that night after Living Color! Those were the days...I am truly saddened to hear about the media circus surrounding MJ's death, but proud to see his legacy live on through fashion and music.

Portia said...

Beautiful post, I love the Michael Jackson inspired fashion. I agree with Jess, the media has been out of control. I don't know what to believe anymore.