Friday, June 5, 2009

Magical Wands for Lush Lashes

Being a Make up Artist, I constantly get the question of, "Who has the best mascara" or "What mascara elongates and creates plush lashes?". Well I am going to give out my secret....DO NOT SLEEP ON DRUG STORE MASCARAS. I have short lashes, so I have to do a feature on the mascaras that has my lashes looking lush, plush, and makes the boys blush!

Maybelline by far sets the bar for other drug store mascaras. My recent purchase is Lash Stiletto. Its known for being "The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs." I have been using this religiously during the weekdays for work because it elongates and darkens my lashes but still looks sophisticated enough for the boardroom. ($6.99 sold in drugstores nationwide)

This mascara is also by Maybelline and has won many Beauty Awards from Allure, Teen Vogue, and Essence Magazine. This pink and green mascara doesnt even need to say "Maybelline" it has a substantial amount of brand association, kindo like the Coca Cola bottle. I remember when it was was advertised on top of many New York yellow cabs last year. I love this mascara because its a classic, pretty women from the 90s have been using this mascara formula and it still stands strong a decade later. Checkout this old school ad! ($6.50 drugstores nationwide)

I discovered this randomly playing around in the beauty closet at my last gig, and tried it on and my mouth dropped! Nothing elongates my lashes better then this! It seperates and elongates my lashes, how perfect! (drugstores nationwide $8.99)

I love the color purple and I love this great mascara! This is the perfect mascara if you have almond shaped eyes like mine. It has Fuller figured brush – fuller figured lashes. Curves in all the right places! The creatively shaped wand grabs my itty bitty inner lashes all the way to the end lashes. My girlfriends are always grabbing this out of my kit! Get your own!

These mascaras work miracles and all cost under $10! I am a stickler for spending money on good makeup but you do not have to drop $50 on mascara. You should definitely spend money on complexion products such as foundation and concealer because that frames your face but you can totally afford to be a little cheap on lip glosses and mascaras. Did your favorite make the list?

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