Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet some new guys, its NBA Finals time

Its past Memorial Day. so I'm considering it summer time! And summer time calls for a summer boo, and what better time than this to find that boo? The NBA Finals kick-off this Thursday night (The Magic vs The Lakers, just in case you're wondering) and guys across the nation will be headed to bars and restaurants to watch the game. If you're a basketball fan, you might as well get a few of your girls and head out to a local bar too. But if you don't like bars any restaurant like Chammps, Fridays, or Damon's is a bet. I'm not saying you should go out with the intent of meeting guys, but it wouldn't hurt if you did connect with a nice young man. And remember, you're going to a sports bar to watch basketball please don't go dressed in a party dress and 4 inch heels. Jeans and a t-shirt will work just fine. Oh and GO MAGIC!

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